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Cover of Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”

Cover of Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”

#1  Сообщение MagicalLove » 08 фев 2014, 19:24

Here’s the Slow-Jam Cover of Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” You Never Knew You Wanted

Confession: this Michael Jackson fan holds the not-quite-consensus opinion that his 1991 album Dangerous was, in fact, far superior to its more-beloved predecessor Bad. Sure, it was the beginning of the end for him creatively (and the beginnings of the weird crashing-sound-effects-and-discombobulated-screams sound that would define his later works are certainly present), but there are some great tracks on it—mostly the first six cuts, produced by New Jack Swing mastermind Teddy Riley. The biggest hit of that bunch was “Remember the Time,” a joyous upbeat dance number; it would seem a strange number to rework as a slow-jam, but that’s exactly what British alt-R&B artist Jordan James did. And it’s kind of amazing:

http://flavorwire.com/newswire/heres-th ... ou-wanted/

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