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Судебные процессы против Конрада Мюррея, иск Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live./The Trial of Conrad Murray, Katherine Jackson AEG Lawsuit

Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#401  Сообщение TAIS » 05 май 2013, 10:53

TMJ писал(а):Я бы так много хотела сказать,но мне опять закроют рот.
и все же,до меня не доходит,как человек может называть себя фанатом и говорить, что он любит МД и в тот же самый момент плохо отзыватся о его матери.
Люди,которые по настоящему любят и знают Майкла,будут всячески поддерживать его мать,потому что знают как сильно он ее любил!

Вы любите быть жертвой. Никто вам не закроет рот, если вы будете тактично высказывать свою точку зрения, поменьше эмоций, а побольше фактов. Народ тут не глупый и сам для себя выберет свою точку зрения. Она, конечно, может отличаться от вашей, но это нормальное явление, сколько людей, столько мнений.
О маме никто плохо не говорит, потому что это мама, но некоторые моменты удивляют, вот и всё.

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#402  Сообщение Admin » 05 май 2013, 16:14


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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#403  Сообщение Admin » 05 май 2013, 16:25

Пощу сюда, ибо это про то, что Лиза согласилась стать свидетелем на суде

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael Jackson didn't want to die like my father Elvis
Лиза Мария Прэсли: Майкл Джексон не хотел умирать, как мой отец Элвис

-Jackson's former wife to give evidence in ongoing civil trial
-Will tell court he feared he would die of a drugs overdose, like her father
-Jackson's mother and children suing concert promoters AEG over his death
Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie Presley will tell a court that her ex-husband Michael Jackson feared he would die of a drugs overdose, as her father had done.
Ms Presley, 45, has agreed to take the stand in a $40 billion (£25 billion) case surrounding Jackson’s death in 2009.
Jackson’s mother and children are suing concert promoters AEG claiming executives hired medic Dr Conrad Murray to do ‘whatever it took’ to get Jackson ready for a series of concerts at London’s O2 arena.
They claim the company was negligent in hiring the doctor and therefore responsible for Jackson’s death.
Jackson, who was 50, died weeks before the concerts.
Murray was sentenced to four years in jail for involuntary manslaughter in 2011.
A family source said: ‘Lisa called (Jackson’s mother Katherine) after his death and said he often spoke about how he didn’t want to end up like Elvis.’
Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley married in May 1994.They became close when she supported through allegations of child molestation.
The pair married in the Dominican Republic but kept it secret for several months. The marriage lasted for less than two years and ended in an amicable divorce.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar ... ds-newsxml

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#404  Сообщение Admin » 05 май 2013, 16:43

Внучка Кэтрин Яши ( по - моему, это дочь Рэбби, если я не ошибаюсь ) разместила пост на фэйсбуке, в котором сказала, что суд не из - за денег, что это борьба за справедливость и что семья не просит никаких 40 миллиардов.
Вот сам пост

My Grandmother and the Trial
by Yashi Brown (Notes) on Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 10:49am

I normally keep my mouth shut. I usually choose not to speak my mind and give any energy to negativity, opinions, news reports, blog comments, and even over the years I've become less and less interested in watching television for many of these reasons. Let's just say as a close family member MOST of what you see or read or hear from others is FALSE information. I repeat FALSE information. Some is not malicious and just poor reporting on incorrect details and some is.

With that said I just want to publicly say my heart goes out to my grandmother right now and the kids and pray she stays strong which I know she will. Lots of slanted accusations flying around reliable news outlets about her DEMANDING 40 billion which is lie and a tactic used to make the family look terribly greedy and desperate, leading to a lack of sensitivity that will overshadow the case. The jury decides the numbers.

In the eyes of many out there these aren't human beings, this isn't a son, this isn't a mother, and these aren't children. But I assure you they're no different than the rest of us and if it was your kid you would do EVERYTHING possible to go after the truth and apparently this new evidence brought to her attention could not be ignored. Something is obviously array to put it lightly with these documents and testimonies otherwise the judge would have fully dismissed the trial. This a mother who has a responsibility to her son since he also left her a great portion of his legacy.

In this family we have never backed down, took what was given, or allowed ourselves to be bullied. We do our due diligence methodically, sticking to the facts and not getting wrapped up in the bullsh**t. Those of you who are supporters, thank you so much and please try to set the same example by sticking to the facts and remembering we're all human and deserve to be given the same rights as anyone else.

~ Yashi Brown

Но она блокирует всех, кто говорит о том, что сумма 40 миллиардов документально подтверждена, кто спрашивает, как она относится к тому, что Кэтрин не судила доктора и прямо заявила, что денег у него нет и что она будет судить AEG, у которых миллиарды и проч. вопросы, которые фаны задают не в пользу Кэтрин
Вот доказательство одной из фанаток, что ее заблокировала Яши за один из неудобных вопросов

Кстати, фаны говорят, что Яши также заблокировала Иви, которая постит только документально подтвержденные факты.

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#405  Сообщение Milena » 05 май 2013, 17:11

Спасибо Milla за адаптированный перевод.
Бедная девушка, зачем она вмешивается? Фанаты Джексона давно известны своей агрессией, а инстинкт толпы вообще страшная вещь.

Моя бабушка и суд.

Я обычно молчу.
Я обычно предпочитаю не обращать внимания на негативные мнения, СМИ, комментарии в блогах и с годами я всё меньше и меньше
смотрю телевизор по этой-же причине.
Позвольте мне просто высказаться как близкому члену семьи : БОЛЬШИНСТВО того, что вы видите и читаете - ФАЛЬШИВАЯ информация.
Я повторяю- это НЕВЕРНАЯ информация.
Не вся информация- злобная, некоторая- это просто неполные сообщения, или содержащая неверные детали.

Этим сказанным я просто хочу сказать публично- моё сердце сейчас беспокоится о моей бабушке и детях, и я молюсь, чтобы она была сильной,
и я знаю, что ей хватит сил.
Большинство ложных обвинений витает вокруг новостей о её требовании 40 миллиардов,
которые являются лживыми (reliable news outlets about her demanding 40 billion which is a lie )
и использованная тактика выставляет семью ужасно жадной и безнадежной..
В глазах многих так называемых людей это не сын, это не мать, и это не дети.
Но я уверяю вас, они не отличаются от остальных из нас, и если это был бы ваш ребенок,
то вы сделали бы всё возможное, чтобы добиться правды.
Кое-что очевидно выставлено так, чтобы выложить эти документы и свидетельские показания несерьёзными, то есть чтобы судья отклонил исковое заявление.
Это мать, которая имеет ответственность перед своим сыном с тех пор как он оставил ей часть своего наследия.
В нашей семье мы никогда не сдаемся..Мы делаем всё возможное, придерживаемся фактов, и не погружаемся в бред.
Спасибо тем, кто поддерживает нас и пожалуйста, попытайтесь последовать этому же примеру:
придерживайтесь фактов и помните, что мы все люди и заслуживаем те же права как и все.

Taj Jackson в твиттере:

Моя бабушка была образцом для подражания для моей мамы.
Она была образцом для моего дяди Майкла.
Она - мой образец для подражания.

admin писал(а):к тому, что Кэтрин не судила доктора и прямо заявила, что денег у него нет и что она будет судить AEG, у которых миллиарды и проч. вопросы, которые фаны задают не в пользу Кэтрин
Вот доказательство одной из фанаток, что ее заблокировала Яши за один из неудобных вопросов

Правильно сделала что заблокировала.

Где это Кэтрин прямо заявила? не со слов ли ivy icon_rolleyes

Кэтрин судится не с доктором а с компанией, потому что ПРИЧИНА того что случилось в компании. а не в докторе. Он так, орудие. Не знаю пока чьё. За красных он или за белых.

Судится с теми и с этим нельзя, по законам калифорнии. плюсом он своё уже получил.

Вот когда начался суд над Мюрреем многие были возмущены действиями Уолгрена, тем что он как тогда казалось играл на руку защите. Но после я поняла что всё шло по плану. И идёт по плану. И я надеюсь что у них всё получится. icon_lotsoflove

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#406  Сообщение Mermaid » 05 май 2013, 19:53

Milena писал(а):Спасибо Milla за адаптированный перевод.
Бедная девушка, зачем она вмешивается? Фанаты Джексона давно известны своей агрессией, а инстинкт толпы вообще страшная вещь.

Согласна с этим абсолютно.
Но фанаты всегда защищают Майкла. Думаю, их агрессия в этом случае обоснована.

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#407  Сообщение Admin » 05 май 2013, 20:49

May 5th updates

Appeal notice

Case summary was showing this “04/26/2013 Notice of Appeal Filed by Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner” but we did not have any information.

The added documents show that this appeal is filed by Katherine Jackson and it’s about judge’s decision to dismiss the complaint against AEG Inc. and Tim Leiweke. In other words Katherine’s lawyers are asking the Appellate court to reverse the judge’s order of dismissing the complaint against AEG Inc and its CEO.

Updates to this appeal can be followed from this link : http://appellatecases.courtinfo.ca.g...doc_no=B248420


MJ Estate’s motion to seal medical record

Estate’s motion to seal medical records is denied and the medical records are ordered to get unsealed.
Judge’s reasons for denying the motion to seal medical records include: court records being presumed public, public’s right of access to information, both Katherine and AEG stating they will be relying on medical records, how Michael’s medical history is the main issue in this trial, parties right to fair trial and how it would be impractical to close down the courtroom to public when medical information is presented.

The same day of this ruling Estate has filed a second amended notice of motion to seal which would be heard August 16, 2013.


Redaction decision

Judge decided to redact:
- Gongaware’s personal email
- Kathy Jorrie’s personal phone number
- Nanny Grace’s social security and bank account number
- In TII salary information:
------ Names of the musicians, dancers and stagehands will be redacted
------ Other tour professionals (names and salaries) will not be redacted.


AEG's motion to preclude Katherine's past due discovery

AEG had filed a motion to preclude some last minute submissions and additions done by Katherine. You can read the details here: http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/th...=1#post3812341

This is judge’s decisions

1. Late produced documents: AEG’s motion is denied and Katherine can use these late produced documents which consist of family pictures, videos and handwritten notes of Michael.

2. Late identified witnesses

AEG’s motion to exclude Tom Mesereau and Sharon Osbourne is denied however the Judge said AEG can depose them before they take the stand to testify.

Court is also allowing the 14 additional names on Katherine’s witness list.

3. Late identified and improper designation of William Ackerman

Jacksons withdrew their request to cross list Ackerman as a fraud expert.

4. Katherine's improper non-retained experts should be excluded

Judge states witness listings such as “Entire LA coroner office” is improper and ordered to be corrected.

4. Late requests from MJ Estate

January 2013 Katherine's lawyers filed a request from MJ Estate asked Estate to give them documents from AllGood and Lloyds lawsuits. Judge states that AEG has no standing to oppose to late requests from MJ Estate. Judge states both parties can request documents from MJ Estate.


Request about Lloyd’s depositions

Katherine’s lawyers also served AEG with a request for all deposition transcripts and discovery and responses at Lloyds lawsuit on April 15. AEG is citing protective order on that case and refusing to turn those over to the Jacksons. No ruling posted on the online court system yet.


Rulings on motions in limine

Most of these motions were filed conditionally under seal so in most instances it’s impossible to tell what the main arguments are.

Judge starts both ruling stating that whether Murray was hired by AEG or not is a question for the jury to decide and therefore experts cannot provide an opinion that Murray was hired by AEG but they can answer hypothetical questions that assume Murray was hired by AEG.

AEG’s motion in limine

Exclude Jacksons expert Dr. Wohlgelernter (opinion 2) - Denied

Judge says Jacksons expert can testify that the equipment request by Murray was unconventional (red flag) for a 50 year old man with no heart disease. Judge says AEG’s expert can argue that the equipment request was for dehydration. Judge points out the jury will decide on what the reason for the equipment was and what AEG known or should have known about the request.

Exclude Jacksons expert Dr. Schnoll – Denied in part, granted in part

Granted in regards to opinions 1, 3, 14 : Jacksons withdrew opinions that “it was common knowledge that MJ had drug problems” and “AEG knew MJ had insomnia”. The opinion of “AEG’s choice of Murray killed MJ” is excluded as it’s argumentative.

“Murray was in a conflict of interest that lead to poor decisions as it concerns treatment for narcotics addiction” is permissible.

Denied as to opinions 2 and 4-13 : AEG’s opposition is based on the fact that Dr. Schnoll’s opinions are based on his assumptions such as “AEG knew MJ had trouble sleeping”. Judge states this is not a reason to exclude these opinions and AEG can attack the foundation of such opinions during testimony.

Exclude Jacksons expert Dr. Shimelman – Denied in part, granted in part

Denied as to opinions 1, 3-7, 9-12: As in the case of Dr. Schnoll these opinions are based on assumptions and again the judge points out AEG can attack the foundation of such opinions during testimony.

Granted in regards to opinions 2 and 8: Jacksons withdrew opinion 2. Judge excluded “ AEG was the only entity that could stop MJ’s addictions” as it’s pure speculation.

Judge also points out that Dr.Shimelman’s testimony is repetitive of Dr. Schnoll’s testimony in many points and expects that Jacksons will tailor their questions to these experts so it won’t be repetitive.

Exclude Jacksons expert Dr. Czeisler – Denied in part, granted in part

Denied as to opinion numbers 1-6 and 8
Granted as to opinion numbers 7 and 9
(No explanation given on judge’s ruling as what these opinions are)

Exclude Jacksons expert Arthur Erk– Denied in part, granted in part

Granted only as to the Tier 2 damages except future tours and royalty bump (which are permitted).

Court agrees with AEG that speculative damages are not allowed and this is why most of the items in Tier 2 such as amusement parks etc are excluded.

Judge says as MJ in the past participated in endorsement deals, clothing lines and movies, doing these in the future are considered as potential loss of income and not as “speculative”. Judge states that AEG can point out MJ’s failed endeavors in the past in their cross examination.

Exclude Jacksons expert Peter Formuzis– Denied in part, granted in part

Denied as to present value calculations, granted as only the opinions about future lost earnings and earnings capacity.

Exclude Jacksons expert Jean Seawright– Denied in part, granted in part

Granted as to the opinions that “AEG hired Murray” or “AEG was careless in their supervision of Murray “as it’s argumentative and a decision for jury. Denied as to human resources practices and standards.

Exclude Jacksons expert David Berman– Denied in part, granted in part

Granted as to the opinions that “AEG hired Murray”, “AEG put the tour happening over and above health of MJ” and also Berman’s opinions about who – AEG personnel or others – are credible or not. All of these are argumentative and is a question for the jury to decide.

Denied as to music artists management and relationships. Judge states Berman’s opinions based on his “common sense” is okay as long as they also rely on his 44 year experience in music industry.

Exclude Jacksons expert Dr. Matheson– Denied in part, granted in part

Granted as to the opinions that “AEG hired Murray” and “conflict of interest caused MJ’s death or was a substantial factor in MJ’s death” as they are argumentative and is a decision for jury.

Denied as to the opinions of ethics and conflict of interest among a physician (Murray), patient(MJ) and a third party(AEG). AEG had tried to exclude Dr. Matheson saying that he was a sports medicine expert and not a tour doctor. Judge finds out that Dr. Matheson’s expertise about doctor, athlete and coach/team owner is relevant and comparable to this situation.

Jackson’s motion in limine

Exclude AEGs expert Eric Briggs – Denied in part, granted in part

Granted as to the income / value of MJ Estate and its effect on damages. Jacksons also agreed that they will not introduce post-death increase in the value of MJ Estate and argue that the increase is an indicator of MJ’s earnings had he lived.

Denied as to MJ’s future earning potential – media/ entertainment rights.

Exclude AEGs expert William Ackerman – Denied in part, granted in part

Granted as to the amount Jacksons receive from MJ Estate including TII film proceeds.

Denied as to MJ’s debts as MJ’s financial condition at the time of his death has relevance to his future earnings potential.

Exclude AEGs expert Arnold Dicke – Denied

Dicke – an actuarial- has said he cannot testify to the exact number of years MJ would have lived however the judge has ruled that he can testify to a range of years, a general opinion of life expectancy and any deviation from standard life expectancy tables.

Exclude inquiry of business dealings and personal life of Jacksons experts Barry Nadell - Denied

Judge states Nadell has many other business and AEG can explore the amount of time – if any- Nadell actually spends on his background investigation business. Furthermore judge states Nadell’s testimony in which he said he didn’t realize his facebook was public implicates credibility and expertise in background investigations.

Exclude AEGs expert Rhoma Young – Denied in part, granted in part

Granted as to the opinion of “Murray was not hired”

Denied as to the opinion that “negotiations for an independent contractor” (more about this below).


Independent contractor versus Employee

AEG and Jacksons were having disagreements about in regards to independent contractor and employee. They asked Judge for a clarification.

AEG claims as the judge has dismissed the respondeat superior, court found that Murray was an independent contractor and not an employee.

Jackson’s disagree and say that court’s ruling did not establish any facts and Jackson’s can argue to the jury that Murray was AEG’s employee.

Judge responds to clarification as it follows :

"Plaintiffs (Jacksons) asked for clarification that the court found Murray was “as a matter of law” not an employee”. The court finds that based on evidence presented at summary judgment that it is the “law of the case” Murray (assuming he was hired) was an independent contractor and not an employee. This is so because the court summarily adjudicated Plaintiffs (Jacksons) respondeat superior claim/ theory in favor of Defendants (AEG)”

http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/threa ... mary/page3

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#408  Сообщение Mermaid » 06 май 2013, 20:33

Новая желтуха от Зэ Сан. Девочки, если не сюда, перенесите, пожалуйста.
Оказывается, МД не в живую говорил на пресконфе icon_confused

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sh ... shows.html

FRAIL Michael Jackson was unable to sing and dance at the same time as he prepared for his comeback shows, documents reveal.

Bombshell emails between execs at concert organisers AEG show the King of Pop was set to lip-synch to old recordings at London’s O2 Arena.

The exchanges will be used by the Jackson family in their £25.7billion lawsuit against AEG. They say pressure over the gigs contributed to his death in 2009.

Personal doctor Conrad Murray was jailed for manslaughter in 2011 for killing Jacko with a sedative overdose.

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#409  Сообщение Admin » 08 май 2013, 12:39

Autopsy reveals Michael Jackson's secrets
Аутопсия раскроет секреты Майкла Джексона
By Alan Duke, CNN
May 7, 2013 -- Updated 0931 GMT (1731 HKT)

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Jurors hearing the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial have a stark vision of the dead pop icon after a lawyer showed them an autopsy photo.
Jackson's unclothed corpse lying on a coroner's table looked nothing like the world's most famous entertainer.
The doctor who conducted Jackson's autopsy returns to the witness stand for a second day Tuesday in the trial to decide if concert promoter AEG Live shares blame in his death with Dr. Conrad Murray.
Much of what jurors heard for the first time is a repeat of the scientific evidence presented in the trial of Murray, who is now serving a prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter. But some of what is in the coroner's report seems to give more insight into Michael Jackson's life rather than how he died.
Dr. Christopher Rogers noted in his autopsy report that Jackson's lips were tattooed pink, while his eyebrows were a dark tattoo. The front of his scalp was also tattooed black, apparently to blend his hairline in with the wigs he wore.

The autopsy confirmed what Jackson told people who questioned why his skin tone became lighter in the 1980s. Jackson had "vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disease," Rogers said. "So, some areas of the skin appear light and others appear dark."
Jackson lawyer Michael Koskoff made sure the jury heard that, even though it had nothing to do with how he died.
Jackson's mother and three children are suing AEG Live, contending the company that was promoting his "This Is It" shows was liable for his death because of the negligent hiring, retention and supervision of Murray.
AEG Live argues that Jackson chose Murray as his tour doctor and that the company had no way of knowing he was using the surgical anesthetic propofol to put the singer to sleep each night.
Rogers concluded that a propofol overdose killed Jackson, although several sedatives Murray gave him that morning contributed to his death.
Los Angeles coroner's toxicologist Dan Anderson, who studied the drugs in Jackson's body, testified Monday that the level of propofol found in Jackson's body was "consistent with major surgery anesthesia."
Propofol is a dangerous drug when not used properly, he said.

The Los Angeles coroner's office found 31 deaths in the last 14 years in which propofol was found in a body, including six suicides committed by medical personnel -- doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists -- who chose the drug to end their lives, Anderson said.
There have also been several homicides with propofol, including "a mercy killing" in a hospital, he testified.
If not for his death by propofol, Jackson's health appeared good enough for him to live a normal lifespan, Rogers testified.
"There was no indication from the autopsy that there was anything anatomically wrong with him that would lead to premature death," Rogers said.
He had no signs of being addicted to street drugs, such as needle marks or disease, he said.
That testimony is important for the Jackson case, since if the jury decides AEG is liable in his death, his expected lifespan will be key to calculating damages. Jackson lawyers will contend that he would have made billions of dollars in the remaining years through several more world tours, merchandizing, recording and movies.
The next witness up after Rogers Tuesday will be a cardiologist, Dr. Daniel Wohgeternter, who will be called as an expert to offer analysis of Murray's skills and decisions

http://edition.cnn.com/2013/05/07/showb ... index.html

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#410  Сообщение Admin » 09 май 2013, 03:40

Алиф Санки, которая была со - продюсером в ЗИИ и знала Майкла с 1987 года, дала показания в суде в качестве свидетеля.
Говорит, что Когда Кенни массировал Майклу стопы на репетициях, Майкл говорил ему, что Бог разговаривает с ним.
Также они прокрутили в суде видео с реп, где Майкл проходит мимо Санки, укутанный в одеяло и она его спрашивает - Тебе холодно? Он отвечает - Да
( Чето я не помню такого видео? icon_susp )
Рассказывает, как звонила Кенни, кричала, что Майкл умирает и что его немедленно нужно класть в больницу.
В последний вечер, 24 июня, он репетировал две песни. Триллер и Песнь земли.
Он спел их хорошо, но не работал в полную силу.
И еще рассказала весьма странную историю про полную сумку конфеток, которую Пэрис приносила с собой, когда Майкл брал детей на репетиции. Якобы, Майкл не знал об этих конфетах, и она их приносила в тайне, но конфет было великое множество.
Может, конечно, всего лишь милая деталь, но мне показалось это немножко странным.... icon_odd
Следующим свидетелем будет Карен Фэй icon_chopping
Producer warned: Michael Jackson's 'dying, he's leaving us'
Продюсер предупреждал: Майкл Джексон умирает, он покидает нас

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's appearance and state of mind were so disturbing days before his death it caused producers to burst into tears at a rehearsal, a witness said Wednesday in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother and three children.
"God keeps talking to me," Jackson told director Kenny Ortega, according to associate producer Alif Sankey.
Jackson, who was at the rehearsal for a costume fitting, appeared "extremely thin" and "was not speaking normally" at the June 19, 2009, rehearsal, Sankey told jurors in a trial to determine if concert promoter AEG Live should be held liable in the pop icon's death.
Jurors saw a photo of Jackson at the costume fitting that showed an obviously thin and gaunt man.
Sankey testified that she and Ortega cried together after Jackson left. On her way home, Sankey stopped her car to call Ortega "because I had a very strong feeling that Michael was dying."
"I was screaming into the phone at that point," Sankey testified. "I said he needs to be put in the hospital now."
Sankey became emotional as she testified about the call.
"I kept saying that 'Michael is dying, he's dying, he's leaving us, he needs to be put in a hospital,'" Sankey said. "'Please do something. Please, please,' I kept saying that. I asked him why no one had seen what I had seen. He said he didn't know."
Ortega send a series of e-mails early the next morning that resulted in a meeting at Jackson's house between Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray, AEG Live President Randy Phillips and Ortega.
An e-mail from Phillips after that meeting said he had confidence in Murray "who I am gaining immense respect for as I get to deal with him more."
"This doctor is extremely successful (we check everyone out) and does not need this gig, so he (is) totally unbiased and ethical," Phillips' e-mail said.
The lawsuit contends that Phillips and AEG never checked Dr. Murray out. Otherwise, they would have known he was deeply in debt and vulnerable to breaking the rules in treating Jackson to keep his job, it argues.
Jackson lawyers contend that AEG Live is liable for Jackson's death because the company negligently hired, retained or supervised Dr. Murray -- who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.
Jackson's last rehearsal was at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on June 24, 2009. Security camera video shown to the jury Wednesday showed him walking with a blanket wrapped around him as he passed Sankey.
"He didn't look good," she testified. "I asked him if he was cold and he said 'Yes.'"
Jackson sang two songs that last night on stage: "Thriller" and "Earth Song," she said.
"He did it," Sankey said. "He went through it. He wasn't in full performance mode."
Sankey said she was standing next to Ortega at a rehearsal the next afternoon when Randy Phillips called to tell him Jackson was dead.
"Kenny collapsed in our arms," she said.
The lawsuit contends that AEG Live executives missed a series of red flags warning them that Jackson's life was at risk because of Dr. Murray, who was giving him nightly infusions of the surgical anesthetic propofol to treat his insomnia.
The coroner ruled Jackson had died from an overdose of propofol in combination with several sedatives on June 25, 2009.
Murray told investigators he used the drugs to help Jackson sleep so he could be rested for rehearsals.
AEG lawyers argue Jackson, not their company, chose and supervised Murray, and that their executives had no way of knowing what the doctor was doing to Jackson in the privacy of his bedroom.
Michael's creativity
In contrast to six days of testimony mostly about Jackson's death, jurors did hear about the pop icon's creativity during Sankey's testimony
"Michael's imagination was endless," Sankey said. "He would visualize it, and it happened. It was amazing."
Katherine Jackson dabbed tears from her eyes as her son's "Smooth Criminal" video was played in court.
Sankey first met Michael Jackson when she was a dancer in the 1987 video production.
"We got to see Michael's imagination come to life," Sankey said. "That was my first time as a dancer, as an artist, that I was completely inspired by his craft and inspired by his attention to every detail. He was so detailed and he never missed a thing."
Working with Jackson was "magical," she said.
"I dream still to this day that I will be able to create on that level of magic that Michael created," Sankey said. "It was like living a dream of working with an artist like that, and I will treasure it and have it in my memory forever."
Sankey's work as an associate producer and dancer for Jackson's "This Is It" tour put her on the witness list in this trial.
"He shared with me that he was excited to do the show," she said. "He was excited to show his kids, finally to show them who he was, what he was all about; he was very excited about that."
Jurors heard about Jackson's relationship with his three children and their love of their father. Sankey described how they would come with their father to the set each day in early June when he was filming video elements for the show.
"Paris had a purse, and inside her purse, she had all this candy in her purse she didn't want her daddy to know about," Sankey said. "She had these little pictures of her father in her purse that were in frames. She had, like, a lot of them. Her purse was full of candy and pictures of her daddy."
"They loved their daddy," she said.
The "This Is It" concert would have been "a pretty big show," Sankey told jurors.
"It was going to be huge and it was going to be innovative, different," she testified. "From working with Michael in my past, I knew it had to be something that no one's ever seen. It all had to be new and pioneering."
The next witness when court resumes Thursday morning will be Michael Jackson's longtime hair and make up artist, Karen Faye. She was quoted in interviews after Jackson's death saying that the pop star was in ill health weeks before he died.
Spectators in the small Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday morning included Judge Lance Ito, famous for presiding over the O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1995. Ito was there to watch his friend, Judge Yvette Palazuelos, preside over this trial and then go to lunch with her.

http://edition.cnn.com/2013/05/08/showb ... ar_twitter

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