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Судебные процессы против Конрада Мюррея, иск Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live./The Trial of Conrad Murray, Katherine Jackson AEG Lawsuit

Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#901  Сообщение Liberian Girl » 17 сен 2013, 08:35

AEG Live backs down on calling Michael Jackson's mom

Los Angeles (CNN) -- AEG Live lawyers changed their mind about calling Katherine Jackson as their last witness in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

Instead, lawyers for the concert promoter may play a portion of Prince Jackson's video deposition before resting its defense case Wednesday.

The five-month-long trial in Los Angeles is nearing an end, an closing arguments could be delivered on Monday. Testimony, which has been on hold for more than a week because of an illness in one juror's family, resumes Wednesday.

Jackson's mother and three children are suing AEG Live, contending that the concert promoter was liable for the pop icon's death because it hired, retained or supervised the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

AEG Live argues that Jackson chose and controlled Dr. Conrad Murray and that its executives had no way of knowing about the dangerous treatments he was giving the star in his bedroom.

Jackson died of an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol, which Murray told investigators he used to treat the singer's insomnia so he could rest for comeback concert rehearsals in the summer of 2009.

AEG Live lawyer Marvin Putnam announced in court last week that he intended to call Michael Jackson's elderly mother to question her "about the absurdity of the damages" she wants the jury to award if they decide the company is liable. Putnam informed the court and Jackson's lawyers Monday that he had decided not to call her again.

A Jackson lawyer argued that AEG Live's "intent is to show the lawsuit's purpose is greed," while the judge suggested that any mother could be expected to say "there is no amount of money that would substitute for the loss of her son."

Putnam has frequently cited in interviews a "statement of damages" letter sent to him by a Jackson lawyer last year capping possible damages at $40 billion, but the judge ruled that he could not refer to it in court because it was not a sworn filing in the case.

Jackson lawyer Kevin Boyle pointed out that the lawsuit complaint only says that damages would be "according to proof at trial," based on testimony by several expert witnesses who have testified.

Jackson expert Arthur Erk -- a certified public accountant who has managed and audited the business affairs of many top artists -- testified that he was "reasonably certain" that Jackson would have earned at least $1.5 billion from touring, endorsements and sponsorships had he not died from a propofol overdose preparing for his "This Is It" tour.

"It is very difficult to assess the value of the King of Pop," Jackson lawyer Deborah Chang told the judge Wednesday. "How do you even do that?"

The non-economic damages suffered because of Michael Jackson's death could be enormous considering "what happened to Paris Jackson," she said. Jackson's 15-year-old daughter attempted suicide in June and remains in a treatment program.

Jackson lawyers seemed to welcome the prospect of AEG Live calling their client as their final witness, considering how jurors reacted when she was on the stand in July. Jurors leaned forward and paid close attention during her two days of testimony as the last witness in their case.
"Why are you here?" Jackson lawyer Brian Panish asked her.

"Because I want to know what really happened to my son," she said. "And that's why I am here."
Panish asked Jackson how it made her feel to be asked probing and personal questions about her family by AEG Live lawyer Marvin Putnam.

"It makes me feel real bad, because my son was a very good person," she said. "He loved everybody. He gave to charity. He was in the Guinness Book of World Records for giving to charity."

If jurors decide that AEG Live is liable in Jackson's death, they could award damages based on the loss of the mother's and children's relationship with him and the amount of money he was unable to earn because his life was cut short.

After AEG Live rests its case -- which lawyers indicated would happen Wednesday -- the Jackson lawyers would have a chance to call several rebuttal witnesses.

Я готова верить, но надо знать во что!

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#902  Сообщение Trueamore » 18 сен 2013, 22:54

http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-m ... ?track=rss

Michael Jackson trial: Doctor expected to discuss sleep, drugs

Jurors in the long-running Michael Jackson wrongful death trial are expected to be shown video testimony Wednesday from a physician who allegedly arranged for the singer to be given a powerful anesthetic during a mid-1990s concert tour.

Allen Metzger, who treated the performer for 15 years, twice arranged for German doctors to administer the anesthetic propofol to Jackson in a hotel room when the singer was having trouble sleeping during a stint of concerts in that country, Jackson’s former wife Debbie Rowe testified last month.

Rowe’s testimony provided the first evidence that Jackson had a history of using the drug or that he had used it as a sleep aid prior to the days leading up to his death in June 2009, when the singer was fighting insomnia as he prepared for a comeback tour.

Jackson died after he was administered a fatal dose of propofol in his rented Holmby Hills mansion by Dr. Conrad Murray, who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter and is serving a jail term.

Testimony in the trial, which started in late April, has been delayed for about a week because of an illness in a juror’s family.

Jackson’s mother and three children are suing concert producer and promoter AEG Live, saying the company negligently hired and supervised Murray. AEG says that the doctor worked for Jackson, and that any money it was supposed to pay the physician was just part of an advance to the singer.

Rowe testified that Metzger was one of the only doctors treating Jackson that she trusted.

Metzger testified at Murray’s criminal trial that the singer was concerned about his health, especially his insomnia, and asked for an anesthetic to help him sleep. Metzger testified he advised against using propofol.

He also testified during the manslaughter trial that the singer was feeling anxious about his scheduled 50 concert dates in London but felt up to the task.

After Metzger’s video deposition is played, AEG is expected to play a deposition from Prince Jackson, Michael’s oldest child. Prince Jackson, 16, testified for about 90 minutes earlier in the trial, detailing life with his father and the singer’s final moments.

Prince Jackson also testified that his father felt he needed more time to rehearse before starting the “This Is It” tour. He said his father would sometimes cry after getting off the phone with AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips and his manager.

“He would say,`They’re going to kill me, they’re going to kill me,’” Prince Jackson testified

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#903  Сообщение Admin » 19 сен 2013, 04:12

Defense Rests Case In Trial Over Jackson’s Death!
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lawyers for concert promoter AEG Live LLC have concluded their defense in a case filed by Michael Jackson’s mother over her son’s death.

Attorneys rested their case on Wednesday afternoon after playing the videotaped testimony of Jackson’s longtime physician Dr. Allan Metzger. The trial is in its 21st week and jurors are expected to begin deliberations next week.

AEG Live’s defense has focused heavily on testimony from Jackson’s former physicians, who have detailed their treatments for the pop superstar.

Katherine Jackson claims the concert promoter negligently hired the singer’s final physician, Conrad Murray, and should be held liable for her son’s death. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 after administering a fatal dose of anesthetic in the singer’s bedroom.

AEG denies it hired Murray.

http://www.westport-news.com/news/artic ... 825549.php

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#904  Сообщение TMJ » 19 сен 2013, 05:46

Статья, обобщающая свидетельские показания докторов

Присяжные узнали о дружбе Джексона с докторами

Ассошиэйтед Пресс
Пятница, 6 сентября 2013

Для Майкла Джексона посещение кабинета врача иногда было не только посещением медицинского работника. Это был визит к близкому другу.

Жюри слышало в течение многих недель о тесной связи суперзвезды со многими своими врачами - с некоторыми проводит Рождество, других приглашает провести время на ранчо Neverland. Его основной лечащий врач служил шафером на второй свадьбе певца с женщиной, которая работала в офисе его дерматолога и стала частым компаньоном во время его медицинских посещений.

Отношения Джексона с его последним доктором, Конрадом Мюрреем, важны для небрежного случая найма, но в процессе присяжные заседатели получают внутренний взгляд на здравоохранение знаменитости - посещения после закрытия, посещения на дому и вымышленные имена в записях и предписаниях, которые предназначаются, чтобы сохранить конфиденциальность, но могут представлять собой и этические проблемы для докторов. Они также услышали подробный портрет истории болезни, включая болезненные ожоги и кожные заболевания витилиго и дискоидную волчанку, которая заставила Джексона чувствовать себя изуродованным.

Другие практикующие говорили, что они отказывали Джексону на его запросы о болеутоляющих или сильном анестезирующем средстве, которое убьет его в своей спальне в 2009 году.

Парад свидетельств докторов Джексона занимает центральное место в случае защиты AEG Live LLC, компании, способствующей злополучным концертам возвращения Джексона, к которой предъявляет иск мать певца. Кэтрин Джексон говорит, что компания наняла Мюррея, чтобы помочь ее сыну подготовиться к шоу "This Is It". В процессе, ее поверенные говорят, что AEG создал конфликт интересов, который заставил Мюррея предоставлять ее сыну анестезирующее средство propofol в качестве снотворного, чтобы сохранить свою зарплату 150 000$ в месяц.

AEG утверждает, что они не ответственны за смерть суперзвезды, и что именно его собственный личный выбор привел к такому исходу.

Истории присяжные заседатели услышали в течение 18-недельного испытания о Джексоне и его докторах:

_ Два доктора Джексона, Scott Saunders и William Van Valin II, посещали ранчо Джексона Neverland около Санта-Барбары. По свидетельствам Сондерса, Джексон иногда неожиданно появлялся в его доме и посылал ему и его семье рождественские подарки. Сондерс сказал, что Джексон иногда приглашал его в Neverland и просил, чтобы он остался, чтобы они могли просто разговаривать.

_ Джексон иногда жил в гараже, преобразованном в комнату для гостей, когда Dr. Alimorad Farshcian, врач Майами, осматривал певца с 2001 до 2003 гг. Farshchian поместил имплантант в живот Джексона, чтобы заблокировать эйфористические эффекты наркотиков опиата, чтобы он прекратил их принимать. (значит, Майкл старался избавиться от любой зависимости от обезболивающих, испытывая при этом боли и проблемы со сном) Farshcian сказал, что путешествовал с Джексоном и провел с ним Рождество в 2002 году.

_ Несколько свидетелей сказали, что певец требовал, чтобы его посещения проходили после закрытия, во избежание папарацци. Его записи иногда регистрировались под именами, Омар Арнольд, Майкл Джефферсон или другими псевдонимами и предписания также иногда размещались под вымышленными именами, чтобы попытаться защитить его частную жизнь.

_ Вторая жена Джексона, Дебби Роу, работала с дерматологом певца, доктором Арнольдом Кляйном, и выполняла многие его медицинские назначения в течение 1980-ых и 1990-ых. Роу сказала, что Джексон сильно боялся боли, многочисленные процедуры лечили его витилиго и ожог головы, полученный на съемках рекламы Пепси в 1984 году. Когда Роу и Джексон женились в Австралии в 1996 г., другой из врачей певца, Dr. Allan Metzger, был их шафером.

_ Роу сказала, что Klein и пластический хирург Steven Hoefflin, конкурировали друг с другом за то, кто мог дать Джексону лучшие болеутоляющие. Роу сказала, что Джексон доверял своим докторам. "У Майкла была очень низкая терпимость боли, и его страх перед болью был невероятен," - сказала она. - "Я думаю, что доктора воспользовались этим."

_ Зубной анестезиолог доктор Dr. Christine Quinn сказала, что в 1998 или 1999 гг, Джексон вызвал ее в отель Беверли Хиллз и попросил, чтобы она дала ему propofol, чтобы помочь ему спать. Она сказала, что отказалась.

_ Доктор Gordon Sasaki, который пытался восстановить повреждения кожи головы Джексона в 2003 г, сказал, что принял приглашение певца посетить ранчо Neverland после того, как они встретились. Sasaki, однако, отказался предписывать Джексону болеутоляющее Percocet, которое он просил и передал лечение боли Джексона доктору Кляйну.

_ Доктор Stephen Gordon, пластический хирург Лас Вегаса, сказал, что Джексон просил, чтобы он дал ему болеутоляющее Demerol "на дорогу" после процедуры в 2003 г. Гордон отказался и больше не видел Джексона в течение четырех лет, когда он возвратился с Мюрреем. Джексон действовал, как-будто он не знал Гордона, как сказал доктор, и Мюррей взял на себя ответственность за посещение, приведя Джексона в офис и оплатив за него. "Не было ничего обычного или общепринятого в том, что он делал," - сказал Гордон относительно Мюррея.

Адвокаты матери Джексона признали, что Джексон боролся с болеутоляющими в течение своей жизни, но большинство его предписаний было связано с медицинскими процедурами. Адвокаты AEG утверждают, что Джексон скрыл свою зависимость от болеутоляющих и лгал о его истории болезни.

Близкие отношения между доктором и его пациентами не являются неправильным, сказал Артур Кэплан, директор отдела медицинской этики, в Нью-Йоркском университете Langone. Он сказал, что это часто происходит в малых городах, и богатые пациенты могут иногда позволять себе нанять своих собственных докторов. Проблема возникает, когда трезвость ума доктора затуманена, и затрагивает их лечение.

"Если Вы не можете сказать "нет" или остановиться, то Вы, вероятно, слишком далеки от дружбы," - сказал Кэплан. ( Уж тем более, убеждать пациента, что проводимые процедуры безопасны, и у него, как врача, все под контролем)

http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/se ... hysicians/

ЛОС-АНДЖЕЛЕС, Калифорния - Взгляд на ключевые моменты этой недели в неправомерном смертельном испытании в Лос-Анджелесе между матерью Майкла Джексона, Кэтрин Джексон, и концертным промоутером AEG Live LLC, и что ожидается в суде на следующей неделе:


Мать Джексона хочет, чтобы присяжные определили, что организаторы запланированных концертов возвращения Джексона должным образом не исследовали доктора Конрада Мюррея, который был осужден за непредумышленное убийство Джексона в июне 2009 г. Поверенный AEG говорит, что речь идет о личном выборе, а именно, о решении Джексона, чтобы Мюррей был его личным доктором и давал ему дозы сильного анестезирующего средства в качестве снотворного. Миллионы, возможно миллиарды, долларов на кону.


— Присяжные заседатели смотрели видеозапись показаний доктора Уильяма "Барни" Ван Вэлина II, который был одним из докторов Джексона в начале 2000-ых. Ван Вэлин сказал, что Джексон имел коробку анестезирующего средства propofol в своей спальне на ранчо Neverland (интересно, что когда полиция проводила в беспрецедентном объеме внезапный обыск на ранчо, никакого пропофола, тем более коробками, не было найдено, никаких игл-шприцев, систем и вообще медпрепаратов избытком найдено не было, снеддон бы этого не упустил, выстраивая обвинение) и хотел, чтобы он вводил ему это средство, чтобы помочь спать. Ван Вэлин отказался.

— Ван Вэлин сказал, что прекратил лечить Джексона от проблем боли после того, как понял, что певец посещал другого врача, который также давал ему инъекции болеутоляющих.

— Доктор Пол Ирли, платный эксперт, свидетельствовал, что полагал, что продолжительность жизни Джексона была уменьшена из-за использования им отпускаемых по рецепту лекарства, но он не может оценить насколько.( А результы вскрытия доктор не читал, где здоровье Джексона признано лучшим, чем у среднестатистического человека его возраста)

— Мнения Ирли были оспорены адвокатом истца, который резко спросил его о документе исследования анестезирующего средства propofol, за которое заплатил AEG. Компания заплатила 52 000$ за исследование, которое для Ирли было основанием для некоторой части его мнения по делу.


— Видеозапись свидетельств трех докторов Джексона, которые описали их обращение с поп-певцом, включая детали введения болеутоляющего Demerol и болезненные инъекции в спину, чтобы попытаться снять боль от травмы, полученной во время концерта в конце 1990-ых.


— "Каждый раз это походило на игру в Русскую рулетку," - сказал Ирли относительно использования Джексоном propofol в его спальне без надлежащего медицинского контрольного оборудования и без присутствия анестезиолога.

— "К сожалению, из-за проблем, связанных с болью, он неоднократно подвергался обезболивающим средствам," - сказал Ирли относительно использования Джексоном опиоидных препаратов.

— "Я сказал Майклу, что это опасно," - вспомнил Ван Вэлин, говоря об использовании Джексоном propofol в его доме в начале 2000-ых.

— "У него не было страха перед этими вещами," сказал Ван Вэлин относительно восприятия Джексоном propofol.

— "Майкл искал бы пути для помощи сна, и это - другой аспект его тайны," - сказал доктор Аллан Мецджер о Джексоне, которого он лечил больше 30 лет, и он сказал, что ему часто не сообщали о другом лечении, которое получал певец.


Присяжные заседатели продолжат просмотр видеозаписи показаний Мецгера, и AEG Live, как ожидается, вызовет своих заключительных свидетелей. Когда AEG закончит свое дело, адвокаты Кэтрин Джексон начнут вызывать своих свидетелей для опровержения. Испытание, как ожидается, поступит на рассмотрение жюри к концу месяца.

http://forum.myjackson.ru/topic/17864-% ... e__st__680

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

#905  Сообщение Admin » 19 сен 2013, 18:04

Судебное разбирательство, длящееся пять месяцев, близится к концу.

Michael Jackson death trial nears end after five months

Los Angeles (CNN) -- AEG Live lawyers rested their defense case in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial, setting the scene for closing arguments to be delivered in a Los Angeles courtroom starting Monday.
"We're in the 9th inning," Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos told jurors Wednesday afternoon, the 81st day of testimony in the trial to decide if Jackson's last concert promoter is liable in the singer's death.
Katherine Jackson and grandchildren Prince, Paris and Blanket contend AEG Live executives negligently hired, retained or supervised Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
Murray, who is set to be freed from jail next month, did not testify in the five-month-long trial because he indicated he would invoke his constitutional right to refuse to answer questions while his appeal is pending for his criminal conviction.
While the trial has been held in a small courtroom with seating limited to just 60 by the fire marshal, the judge decided Wednesday that the three days of closing arguments will be delivered in a larger courtroom that can seat hundreds.
Michael Jackson doc: 'He wasn't faking' Paris Jackson's deposition Prince Jackson testifies against AEG Compare Michael Jackson in 2001 to 2009
Lawyers for Jackson's mother and three children will call two more witnesses before resting their rebuttal case Thursday. Dr. Allan Metzger, who treated Jackson for nearly three decades, is set to take the stand Thursday morning.
Jackson's pain was real, doctor testifies
AEG Live lawyers played video of Metzger's deposition testimony as their last witness Wednesday, but Jackson lawyers say they want to ask him questions not covered when the deposition was recorded last year.
Metzger said in his deposition that Jackson would "doctor shop" and that he kept details of treatments by other physicians a secret. "Michael would never tell me what he was doing," he said.
AEG Live lawyers contend Jackson's secrecy about his drug use made it impossible for its executives to know that Dr. Murray posed a danger to the singer as he prepared for his comeback concerts.
Murray told investigators that he gave Jackson infusions of the surgical anesthetic propofol almost every night for the last two months of his life to treat his insomnia. The coroner ruled Jackson's June 25, 2009, death was caused by a propofol overdose.
"Michael would seek out avenues of sleep helpers and that's another aspect of his secrecy," Metzger testified. "I never did know what he did when he wasn't in L.A."
Jackson was "secretive about medicine, secretive about procedures, secretive about all kinds of stuff, which was part of his mystique," he said.
Metzger described a phone call from Jackson on February 26, 2009, four months before his death. It was a month after he signed a contract with AEG Live to do his "This Is It" comeback tour that would debut in London in July.
"It was more of an anxiety call, about his health and how he was going to deal with all the 30 or 50 shows," Metzger said. "I don't think at that time he knew how many shows it would be."
Jackson was "fearful because this is it and he needed to do a lot of perfectionizing," Metzger said. "He wanted it to be something that had never been done before and it had to be great, so he had a lot of pressure from himself."
Jackson "wanted to redeem Michael Jackson" and "go out with a flash," he said. The pop icon was "still terribly hurt" about the child molestation trial that ended in his acquittal four years earlier, he said.
Odd twist in trial
"He was one of the most recognized names in the world and he wanted it to stay that way," Metzger testified.
Jackson's biggest worry was "that he was going to have a hell of a time sleeping and what are we going to do." He had a long history of not being able to sleep between shows on a tour, he said.
Metzger visited Jackson at his Los Angeles home on April 18, 2009 -- two months before his death -- to discuss "his profound sleep disorder," the doctor said.
The doctor said he suggested they find a sleep expert in London, where his first 50 shows were scheduled, who would use "safe modalities for sleep." Metzger conferred with other doctors in Los Angeles, hoping for recommendations to help Jackson.
"I batted zero," he testified. "Nobody had any specific people for me to call."
Jackson told Metzger he wanted someone to give him intravenous medicine that would put him to sleep. "I can't sleep without something special," he told him. Propofol is infused intravenously.
"I told him it was dangerous and potentially life threatening," Metzger said. He warned Jackson that it should only be used in a hospital because he could overdose, have an allergic reaction in a hotel, be given a wrong medication or develop an infection.
"It just isn't the right thing to do," he said he told Jackson.
A nurse who tried to help Jackson find sleep with vitamin infusions testified last month that Jackson became convinced that propofol was the only cure for his insomnia. Cherilyn Lee said Jackson asked her on April 19, 2009 -- a day after his meeting with Metzger -- to find an anesthesiologist who could put him to sleep him with propofol.
Lee, like Metzger, refused the request, warning him it was unsafe. She testified that she told Jackson that any doctor who would give him propofol at home didn't care about him and was just doing it for the money.
Jackson lawyers contend it was around the same time that Dr. Murray agreed to take to job. Just over two weeks later -- on May 6 -- an AEG Live executive wrote in an e-mail saying that it was a "done deal" that Murray was being hired for $150,000 a month to serve as Jackson's full-time physician.
Jackson lawyers began their rebuttal case Wednesday afternoon by calling Los Angeles Police Detective Scott Smith, who testified that he concluded Murray's motive in Jackson's homicide was the $150,000 monthly salary he was to get from AEG Live.
Jackson's fatal search for sleep
"Information was obtained that revealed that Dr. Murray financially was in ruins, was losing his house in Las Vegas, had a lien against his pool, was arrears in child support for multiple children to multiple women," Smith said. "Financially, he was just a mess."
Jackson lawyers argue that AEG Live executives created a conflict of interest with the structure of their agreement with Murray, which provided that he could be fired if the concerts were delayed or canceled. He was too dependent upon the pay to refuse to administer the risky propofol infusions which Jackson was convinced he needed to prepare for the tour, they argue.
The key reason Jackson lawyers called Smith was to refute a statement made by Kathy Jorrie, the lawyer who helped negotiate and write the contract between AEG Live and Murray.
Smith, who interviewed Jorrie during his investigation of Murray, wrote in his report that she told him that the London concerts were "only the beginning, that Michael Jackson was going to do a world tour that was to last two to three years."
Jorrie testified last month that she never told police there was a planned world tour.
"If Detective Smith were to come in here and say you made that statement he would be lying?" Jackson lawyer Brian Panish asked Jorrie.
"He would be mistaken," Jorrie replied.
In court Wednesday, Smith testified that "she did state that there was going to be a world tour that would last two to three years." He said it was reflected in his handwritten notes, as well as the typewritten summary of his interview with the lawyer for AEG Live.
Evidence that AEG Live and Jackson intended to take his tour around the world is important if the jury decides the company should pay damages in the singer's death. An entertainment expert hired by the Jacksons estimated he would have earned $1.6 billion if he had not died -- mostly from that world tour. It represents lost income that jurors could order AEG Live to pay the family in damages.
Jackson lawyers said they may show jurors previously unseen raw video of Jackson's last rehearsals after they call Dr. Metzger to the witness stand Thursday. They said they expect to rest their case at the end of the day.
Judge Palazuelos will read several hours of jury instructions on Friday, guidance intended to help jurors find their way through a complicated case that could take weeks to deliberate.

http://edition.cnn.com/2013/09/19/showb ... ar_twitter

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Re: Кэтрин Джексон против AEG Live

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well now that the trial is almost over , just maybe we will know more about when he just might appear.. cant wait to see him. so that all the non-belivers can finally say im sorry for doubting him.. but guess what hes coming.. believe me .. think about that..hmmmm..... icon_soon icon_secret icon_mjwhite ... just believe it... icon_so_glad

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@franklin5569 Who do you think will win, Mrs Katherine or AEG? icon_question

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Closing arguments to be heard Monday in Michael Jackson family's wrongful death trial against AEG

Closing arguments are expected to be heard on Monday in the wrongful death lawsuit the Jackson family has launched against AEG Live, the promoters of Michael Jackson’s would-be tour.

On Wednesday, the defense rested, leading to both sides agreeing to start closing arguments the beginning of next week.

Katherine Jackson, the mother of the “Thriller” singer, and her three children are accusing AEG of being negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who gave him a lethal dose of propofol. They deny hiring him, saying Jackson did.

According to the NY Daily News, AEG ended with calling Allan Metzger, Jackson’s longtime doctor to the stand. Metzger portrayed the King of Pop as a “doctor shopper” who was secretive about it.

“(He was) secretive about medicine, secretive about procedures, secretive about all kinds of stuff, that was part of his mystique,” he said. “I was worried about someone giving him something that could intermix with something else.”

The 21-week trial is coming to a close, with Metzger’s testimony being a big part of it. He said he got a call from Jackson in February of 2009 saying “he was fearful” about the This Is It tour “because this was it and he needed to do a lot of perfectionalizing. He wanted it to be something that had never been done before,” USA Today reports.

Я готова верить, но надо знать во что!

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admin писал(а):@franklin5569 Who do you think will win, Mrs Katherine or AEG? icon_question

А меня почему не спрашиваешь????? icon_ROFL icon_lotsoflaugh icon_lotsoflaugh

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admin писал(а):@franklin5569 Who do you think will win, Mrs Katherine or AEG? icon_question

А меня почему не спрашиваешь????? icon_ROFL icon_lotsoflaugh icon_lotsoflaugh

А ты не скажешь icon_lotsoflaugh Тебе все из первых уст сообщают icon_ROFL icon_kissing

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