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#1  Сообщение Madina » 11 мар 2010, 03:33

Or was it about the watermark that ANYONE can put on a picture? Please show me the contract where I signed the photo over to TMZ
@ejacobs29 I guess I missed the answer, Erin...was it about you believing and trusting what the tabloids to tell you?
@broccolibabe Thank you for clearing that up for us. I was told by a family member it was a relative. I just don't know for sure. :)
@AlexSalazarNo1 These are people (in Canada) who believe their "investigations" are more convincing than someone who touched him everyday.
@SweetJelly_ I did find out, but I forget. Someone's relative...NOT MICHAEL! LOL
about 1 hours ago via mobile web in reply to SweetJelly_
@mariella71 It's only a few closed minded, angry and fearful people who feel their unsubstantiated lies are true and important. I am here.
@Myfording Ur right! I changed my mind. Just got tired of being attacked with lies
hugs for Michael...pass it on.
@NOVAPAAY that's okay...I do not believe you either, but this is the last time I will express it on your page.
I must go now...thank you all for listening with an open heart.
@Doghousemasters He would not want to be alone. Why do all the fans go to Holy Terrace and leave letters and gifts outside?
@Doghousemasters Of course he would want his fans close to him. That is why I posted the photos....
@Reetalicious Michael WAS amazing at rehearsals, continuously raising himself from the situation to fulfill his contractual obligations
@Reetalicious Would it still feel like invasion, if he was buried @ Neverland and you went to see where he's laid to rest?
@Doghousemasters All fans are being kept from his feet. Why is standing outside every month, any more respectful? it is ALL is respectful
@Reetalicious Many celebrities resting places are out in the open. Would you go to Neverland if he was buried there, to see him?
@Reetalicious there are thousands that were thankful...compared to those who opposed.
@Reetalicious TIMING I wanted people to remember what TII really meant, as others made $$$ and paraded down the red carpet @ the premiere.
@Reetalicious Because Michael loved his fans, and I know would always want his fans near to him...not his decision to shut out the world.
@Reetalicious I did NOT give it to the media. I posted it for the fans who could not be at his funeral. For those who love

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