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Hoax - clues, odd things, mystical stuff etc.

Petitioning The Michael Jackson Estate, Sony Music Entertain

Petitioning The Michael Jackson Estate, Sony Music Entertain

#1  Сообщение Белая роза » 03 ноя 2013, 13:02

Petitioning The Michael Jackson Estate, Sony Music Entertainment, The Jackson Family
Release Michael Jackson's Work on Blu-ray
http://www.change.org/petitions/release ... on-blu-ray

We present this petition to demonstrate that a large market exists for the release of a collection of Blu-ray discs that includes 1080p High Definition versions of all of Michael Jackson's short films, music videos, noteworthy television appearances, and memorable performances.
We ask that you create this set from new High Definition scans of all relevant materials, using the original and best elements available, in their original aspect ratios.
We ask that you include every short film and "music video" that was created for any of Michael Jackson's songs, including any of his works as part of the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons.
We further ask that you include the full-length version of "Michael Jackson's Ghosts" - the world record holder for the longest music video ever created.
We understand that you may not have exclusive rights to the film, "Captain EO," which appeared in Disney theme parks for many years, and so we ask that you strike deals where necessary so that you may include both a 3D and standard version of this film, in High Definition, in the set.
We wholeheartedly believe that no Michael Jackson collection is complete without "Michael Jackson's Ghosts" and "Captain EO," so we ask that you make all the necessary arrangements to include these treasured films.
This set would include only a few more selections than the "Michael Jackson's Vision" DVD set released a few years ago. We believe that in this age of high definition, it is important for Michael Jackson's works to be available to the public in the highest quality achievable.
Michael Jackson is known as the most successful entertainer in history. His works are national treasures and deserve to be seen in high definition with high fidelity sound.
Those of us signing this petition realize the value of such a set, and thereby suggest a retail price of $129.00. As is evident through the diverse number of locations inhabited by the undersigned, Michael Jackson fans around the world are willing to pay the suggested price, or even a bit more, for such a valuable collection.

Thank you for taking the time to entertain this petition. Please make our Michael Jackson wishes come true! To:

The Michael Jackson Estate, Sony Music Entertainment, The Jackson Family
Please release Michael Jackson's entire filmography, uncut, restored, in HD, on Blu-ray. Michael's filmography includes all of his short films and "music videos" as well as notable television appearances, theatrical films, the entire 40-minute "Michael Jackson's Ghosts" short film, and both 2D and 3D versions of "Captain EO."
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