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Майкл Джексон и число 7

Майкл Джексон и число 7

#1  Сообщение MagicalLove » 09 апр 2014, 10:52

Michael Jackson And The Number 7\Майкл Джексон и число 7


Alex Bellos, a Brazilian mathematician, has claimed to have uncovered the world’s favourite number. In researching more than 30,000 people to pick a number between one and 1,000, the number 7 emerged as the most popular.

Maybe the King of Pop had it right all along? It’s well known throughout his fanbase that over the course of his career, it is clear that Michael Jackson’s favourite number was seven. We explore some of the times Michael used the most popular number in the world:

  • Michael wore a 7 on his top in the ‘Scream’ music video
  • There is a 7 on a hat within the ‘Dangerous’ album cover
  • Michael has 7 embossed on the top of each leg guard during the HIStory World Tour
  • 777 appears on the arm of Michael’s statue on the ‘HIStory’ album cover.
  • 777 again appears on the arm of the jacket Michael is wearing in the ‘HIStory’ promotional video.
  • He wore plasters on 3 of his fingers, keeping 7 free.
  • It appears on the ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ album cover his body is making a number 7

Other things that are slightly more tenuous and possibly/probably just coincidental, but is worth noting out of interest:

  • Michael signed his will on 7/7/02
  • His memorial was on 7/7/09 (exactly 7 years after the will was signed)
  • His two longest serving number one hits were ‘Black Or White’ and ‘Billie Jean’ – both at number one for 7 weeks (USA).
  • He was the 7th of 9 children.

Read More & See Pictures + Video On MJWN: http://www.mjworld.net/news/2014/04/08/ ... -number-7/

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