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Разговор фанатки с Биллом Уитфилдом

Разговор фанатки с Биллом Уитфилдом

#1  Сообщение Admin » 28 июл 2015, 13:43

Нашла на твиттере.
У одной из фанаток состоялся разговор с одним из телохранителей Майкла, которые написали о нем книгу--> Майкл Джексон в последние дни: воспоминания телохранителей

В разговоре мало что интересного, в основном как фанаты восприняли книгу и т.п, но одна его фраза показалась очень любопытной:

Bw: But to me, from what I've seen him go through and what he had to endure, I think he left. I think he left this... Drama... Madness... He left... It's like a magic trick, something just goes off in midair, he's gone. People ask 'Do you think he will ever come back?', No I don't think so.

Билл: Но исходя из того, что я видел, через что ему пришлось пройти и что вынести, я думаю, что он ушел. Оставил это все....Драму....Сумашествие....Он ушел....Это как магический трюк, что - то просто исчезает в пространстве, его нет. Люди спрашивают - " Ты думаешь, он когда - нибудь вернется? " Нет, я так не думаю.

icon_susp icon_susp icon_susp icon_susp

Далее, правда, эта фанатка вносит ремарку, что, якобы, Билл ей сказал, что думает, что Майкл на самом деле скончался и чтобы беливеры не искали в этих словах тайный смысл, но у меня как бэ вопрос - А почему тогда ему вообще вопросы о том, вернется ли Майкл, задают? Не странно ли это, по меньшей мере, если человек не верит в то, что Майкл жив?

Что думаете, народ? icon_question

Полный твит - лонг с разговором под спойлером:

Ok.... I thought long and hard about this and I was going to post this on my website only. But I do feel that it's important for every fan to read. Having this conversation with Bill Whitfield is so candid and honest. The way that he speaks about Michael Jackson the MAN is so important for people to get. So I am going to share this with all of you and I hope that you will pass it along. This is Part 2 and there will be another part after that I truly will only share through my site. But this is very important. Read and enjoy
smile emoticon

Me: I don't believe what people say about him for a second.

BW: Oh no, not at all.

Me: I'm not really like a jaded MJ fan.

BW: How do you mean?

Me: Just kind of like, a lot of fans see him in a way that is unrealistic. So, when I saw your book and I just saw that he was very human, it just kind of peaked my interest because he seems so misunderstood but then in so many ways, there are so many things about him that I wonder why people never question. They just think that he's either a Messiah or a Devil, never in between you know? So when I read your book, it's like 'Oh my Gosh you gotta read this book!'

BW: So let me ask you both your opinions- well not opinions but your feelings on... Well being Michael Jackson fans what did you first think about our book coming out?

Me: About your booking coming out?

BW: Yeah when you heard “These guys writing about Michael Jackson”, what did you think?

Me: Did you guys go on Good Morning America? So I remember hearing about it, honestly I didn't even watch the interviews, but whenever I hear something is coming out about Michael i'm just like “oh, well someone is trying to get some money!” You know that's the first thing that came to MY mind.

BW: mhm

Me: I don't really read Michael Jackson books. I don't really know why I bought that book... I just did... I was drawn to it. I read that whole thing in like a couple of days and I honestly don't know why, it just seemed so true to me. And didn't even know him... But it just was like “This could be the person that I see”, you know what I mean? I mean but that's just what I thought.

BW: Yes, I mean it has to be from your personal opinion. You know? We can't go on what he or she said. Like for myself, I had to be a part of his world to get my opinion. So, and that's what I did in the book. You know? Tell the book from what I witnessed and what I viewed, it's not based off of what everybody thinks. Now if anybody wants to right a book based upon what they “THINK” Mr. Jackson was like, they can go right ahead. I am going to tel you what I witnessed, what I seen and what I was a part of.

Me; That's all you can do.

BW: And to know that certain people felt that we were breaking some form of confidentiality-

Me: I disagree with that.

BW: Listen, I honestly felt an obligation to the fans, people that didn't really see that personal side, I felt like we had an obligation. Listen we have not received any money from the book yet.

Me: Wow, have you guys ever considered doing a documentary about it?

BW: What do you mean a documentary?

Me: Like a documentary based off of the book?

BW: No, not really ever thought about it. My goal from sitting at the memorial service , I'm sitting there and i'm looking around , first when you're outside – were you there?

Me: No.

BW: First when you get there, I had to park my care almost 7 blocks away because they had all of the roads cut off. It was huge, I just couldn't believe how much of a turn out there was. Again, I didn't see him on stage, I mean I listened to his music, bought his CD's like everybody else. Now when you are working for him and you are overseeing the personal well being for he and his kids, now he passes away and you want to say goodbye and pay your final respects to him, and you look around and you are just wondering -

Me: Where were you?

Bw: Well that was what I thought inside, on the outside all you see is all of these fans with signs and banners

Me: They should have been in there

Bw: Dressed up like Mr. Jackson... But then you get inside and you see all of the celebrities...

Me: I saw a picture of the Kardashian girls inside.

Bw: Yeah I saw that in there!

Me: (Laughing) Yeah I saw that picture they were like all posing I was like 'What!?'

Bw: That's when it hit me... I wanted to leave-

Me: I'll bet you did

Bw: I really did... But I just thought to myself 'I'm gonna take this one. I'm gonna do this', because now as far as i'm concerned, we are here to pay tribute to who people think he was and I am here to say goodbye to my boss. They are here to say goodbye to the one with the glove-

Me: Two different people....

BW: But that's not who his kids are saying goodbye to. His kids are saying goodbye to their daddy. “You all didn't know their daddy, because you all weren't around their daddy” ok?

Me: People have told Paris on social media before 'I know you're dad better than you because I was a fan for 40 years and you were only 11 when he did' Can you believe that?!?!?

Bw: See... The only thing that that person would have over Paris is 'I've seen your dad perform and you didn't' thats ALL they would have. You have nothing else over her.

Me: It's sad...

Bw: But to me, from what I've seen him go through and what he had to endure, I think he left. I think he left this... Drama... Madness... He left... It's like a magic trick, something just goes off in midair, he's gone. People ask 'Do you think he will ever come back?', No I don't think so.

Me: I don't think so either.

Bw: Because he left so much behind that we'll never stop talking about him.

Me: Never...

Bw: But... That's just my opinion and everybody is free to have their own opinion.

(I just want to make it clear that Bill Whitfield has told me that he believes Michael has passed away. So do not make assumptions about that last statement. Just take it as an individual thought and personal sentiment shared about someone that he worked for and cared deeply about)



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