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Хоакс - подсказки, непонятные события, необъяснимые вещи./
Hoax - clues, odd things, mystical stuff etc.

Always for Michael Jackson

Always for Michael Jackson

#1  Сообщение Trueamore » 01 сен 2011, 19:12

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Always-fo ... 39610.aspx

Always for Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson turns 53. Yes, turns. Not ‘would have been’, for he is alive. And in a morbid way, his estate will not let him die because Michael has now become the best cash cow that they have. The myriad ways that his legacy is being exploited is staggeringly disturbing — from theme parks in
Vietnam to reshuffled and repackaged music catalogues, no aspect of Michael’s life remains sacred to the money grabbers and investors in his legacy.

But on a brighter note, it’s heartening to see the fans, who have not diminished in their love for Michael since he passed away in 2009.

And what’s even more amazing to see is a generation born post-1996, which is so familiar with the magic and legacy of Michael Jackson.

Be it his music, his videos or his fashion and style statements, all of this lives on in the infinity of cyberspace, accessible to this very generation that lives in it.

Pop icon, Michael Jackson was a pioneer like no other and will always be the touchstone for any entertainer worth their salt.
The years will come and go, so will the tributes and glorious words of praise, but the magic, the majesty and the spirit of Michael Jackson will forever abide… if I may say so.

Майклу Джексону исполняется 53.Да,исполняется,а не исполнилось бы,так как он жив.

Такое вот странное начало у статьи. icon_scared

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