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Хоакс - подсказки, непонятные события, необъяснимые вещи./
Hoax - clues, odd things, mystical stuff etc.

Вы не соскучились по Derek Clontz?-))

Вы не соскучились по Derek Clontz?-))

#1  Сообщение Admin » 27 апр 2012, 19:37

http://derekclontz.wordpress.com/2012/0 ... -new-poll/


Michael Jackson Dead or Alive? Vote in Our NEW Poll

A staggering 80,000 men, women and children have voted in our “Michael Jackson Death Hoax” poll since June 25, 2009, when the King of Pop either died of a drug-induced heart attack or, against all odds, pulled off the greatest celebrity stunt in history, vanishing from public view in a desperate bid to find the peace, serenity and freedom he simply couldn’t enjoy as a superstar in a celebrity fishbowl.

And the question today is, what do you think now, three years later, in the year 2012? Do you still think Michael Jackson faked his death? Is there a chance he’s alive and well and in hiding? Tell us what you think by participating in our poll and commenting in the “reply box” at the end of this report.
Evidence to suggest that Jackson is, in fact, dead seemingly has mounted steadily, reaching an apparent crescendo when a jury found Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, guilty of criminal negligence in overdosing Jackson with the powerful sedative, propanol, that stopped the singer’s breathing at his home in Los Angeles.
The incident took place just three weeks before he was set to kick of a grueling series of 50 consecutive shows in London, the celebrated “This Is It” concert series that eventually became a film documentary after his death or disappearance depending on what you believe.

For many fans, there remains a a very real glimmer of hope that Jackson, a brilliant man and master of disguise, a man with enormous resources and powerful motives, orchestrated his “death” in the same way he that masterminded songs and rock videos – and is still in hiding today.

Even Murray’s trial and conviction, they argue, was planned by Jackson, with the physician agreeing to “take the fall” in order to give Jackson a shot at a new and private life. There is no evidence to support this. Hope does, however, spring eternal – especially for such a beloved performer as Jackson.

And if he is in hiding, the thinking goes, once he is rested and ready, Jackson, who vanished at the age of 50 but would now be 52, will embark on a comeback tour that by anyone’s reckoning would be bigger than shows by Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones and even The Beatles combined.

The singer’s fans are found everywhere, on every continent, in large numbers. The phenomenon of his popularity attests to the belief of many that he is the biggest star ever – and they insiste there will never again be anyone who commands so much love and attention from such a diverse and far-reaching fan base.

Here is the poll we’ve run since June 25, 2009. Over 80,000 people have voted – with 60 percent saying, “Michael is alive.” The poll is active. Feel free to vote.

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