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Хоакс - подсказки, непонятные события, необъяснимые вещи./
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Друг Джексонов говорит что тур братьев не состоится

Друг Джексонов говорит что тур братьев не состоится

#1  Сообщение Admin » 07 июн 2012, 17:56

Phoenix, Author and Jacksons ‘Friend,’ Says ‘Unity’ Tour Will Never Happen
*(Las Vegas, NV) – Phoenix, the Jackson family stalwart who knows firsthand what others claim to know, offers his professional commentary and insight into the fascinating lives of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.
Phoenix, author of the acclaimed book entitled, Touched by the Jacksons, about the world’s famous King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and the Jackson family gives his position on The Jacksons’ Unity Tour 2012. Phoenix, a long time friend and former spokesperson for the Jackson Family, has also managed one of the famous Jackson brothers, Tito Jackson
Phoenix, who has been interviewed by countless news outlets across the globe, including BBC, MTV, Gigwise, PR Newser, The Post Chronicle, etc., is highly revered as an author, a Jackson family friend, a PR consultant, and a music historian.
Phoenix was the first and only one who predicted Michael Jackson’s death in an interview with World Entertainment News in 2009. Phoenix states, “It’s just like what I said about Michael and his career being ‘over like Mike Tyson’… the same thing goes for the Jacksons – the Jacksons could not come together because there is no “unity” amongst them.” “The Jacksons are like dinosaurs – they had their time and are now extinct.”
Phoenix stated, “I tried to warn the public the very first day the tour was announced and now here we are and I have proven I am right – not base upon my predictions, but based upon my knowledge and know-how of this industry.”
Phoenix always said “if you ever see the Jacksons on stage again as a group, one of them will have passed away, one of them would be in a wheelchair, and one of them will be on crutches. This is what would happen if all 5 (6) members ever went up there on the stage again, including Randy, because it’s been over three decades since the Jacksons have performed together on stage.”
The Jacksons’ tour dates were scheduled back to back and they made a statement about Michael doing 50 shows that were too close to one another for his This Is It Tour. The Jacksons are now seniors in their late 50’s and early 60’s getting ready for their AARP membership card. If anyone would have gotten ill it would have been one of the brothers up there on the stage going into cardiac arrest, according to Phoenix.
With the recent cancelation of the first few dates of the Jacksons’ Unity Tour 2012, many people have speculated otherwise on the reason behind the canceled dates is that the Jackson brothers want to finish their studio album before they hit the road. The Jacksons have been saying they are going to be releasing a new album for over two decades now!
If the Jacksons were, indeed, releasing a new album, we would have known what record label they are on even if it is an independent label. Realistically, no record company has given them a deal. Record companies base their artists and promotions upon numbers and the Jacksons cannot guarantee them numbers.
There cannot be a Jacksons Unity Tour without the glue that kept it all together – Michael Jackson! It just won’t work. So why did they wait until after Michael’s death to do this tour? According to Phoenix, perhaps because the golden goose that carried them for so long is now gone and they need money. They could have done it without him a long time ago even before his passing, but never attempted to.
They couldn’t even “get it together” on their A&E reality show, “The Jacksons A Family Dynasty” because there was no “Unity.” In the words of their famous brother, Michael Jackson, “Where is the love, L-O-V-E?”
A final word from Phoenix: “What is my prediction on the Jacksons now….. with their comeback? Let me look into my crystal ball… what I see is…. Go get your money back now for your tickets because this tour will never happen!”
http://www.eurweb.com/2012/06/phoenix-a ... er-happen/

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