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Хоакс - подсказки, непонятные события, необъяснимые вещи./
Hoax - clues, odd things, mystical stuff etc.

Интервью с человеком,который был на месте событий 25.06.2009

Интервью с человеком,который был на месте событий 25.06.2009

#1  Сообщение Admin » 22 фев 2013, 12:46

Before I even post this, I want you guys to know that I didn't get to transcribe the entire thing today. I am swamped with work out of nowhere and bills take priority over death hoax time! Sorry!

This guy that I spoke with does not want his name disclosed because of the ridiculous behavior of people in this community that like to hunt, stalk and act generally f***ing insane when it comes to anybody that can speak about Michael. I checked him out, know who he is, checked his employment history and background. He's legit and if you choose not to believe in it, then move about your way. I have too much going on in my life to give two thirds of a damn about people that have nothing better to do then be haters and cause bull*****.

I will transcribe and post the rest of this when I get some extra time in the week. But its pretty interesting stuff :D


Part 1

Brandi: Ok, I’m ready. Im sorry if I seem unprepared. I contacted you such a long time ago and wasn’t expecting to hear from you. Your call caught me off guard.

Him: Yeah it was what- Julyish (Laughs) I’m sorry. I get so busy and was meaning to reach out. I had some down time and came across your last email and was like “oh my God, she probably thinks that I’m a flake” (laughs)

Brandi: No not all! I thought that you may have gotten discouraged after viewing my videos and doing a little research into my death hoax legacy.

Him: Well, I had some apprehension after our initial contact, yes. But not because of you as an individual. I just felt like maybe I couldn’t really help you.

Brandi: What changed your mind?

Him: I guess… Maybe… Well, I figured that maybe it wasn’t up to me to decide. Do you know what I mean?

Brand: Um, not really.

Him: (laughs) Ok. Let’s just say that I figured I can try. I have about 15 minutes. What do you want to know?

Brandi: A lot of my perspective has changed since I last made contact with you. I don’t know how I feel about the whole “Hoax” aspect of whatever happened to Michael. I just think that there is a lot of grey area that I am confused about. I am glad that you contact me, I’m grateful, but like I don’t really know how relevant it is to my research now to talk to you.

Him: (silent pause) Ok?

Brandi: Don’t get me wrong! I still would love to have this conversation. I just want to be honest.

Him: Well (laughs) it’s completely up to you . I don’t have anything to gain or lose by talking to you.

Brandi: Did you go to Michael’s memorial or funeral?

Him: I didn’t go to the memorial because that was more of a public thing for his fans. I was at his burial though. You can verify that through footage.

Brandi: Oh that’s weird because I actually thought that I saw a photo of you at the memorial.

Him: No. You might have seen Harry. We look similar.

Brandi: Harry ********** ?

Him: Yes.

Brandi: ohhhhh

Him: (Laughing)

Brandi: Did you see Michael in his casket at the burial? I heard that it was open for viewing. Is that true?

Him: Hmmm. We don’t need to waste time with questions like this.

Brandi: What do you mean? I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.

Him: I didn’t say that you were.

Brandi: I’m confused…

Him: No, you’re not.

Brandi: I’m really not trying to play coy here. I don’t know what you mean by that. Explain please?

Him: Michael couldn’t have had an open casket if it was empty.

Brandi: ohhhhhhh kkkkkkk so I get you now. I didn’t expect the bluntness.

Him: I don’t have time to waste (laughing) and I’m sure that you don’t either.

Brandi: Why would you be so candid about something like that? Like to say that he wasn’t in his casket?

Him: Because he wasn’t.

Brandi: And this is something that you know as a fact?

Him: I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t a fact. He wasn’t in the casket during the memorial or during the burial.

Brandi: hmm ok

Him: (laughs) do you think that I’m lying to you? You seem like a bit of a skeptic.

Brandi: I’m not trying to be an asshole. I’ve been burned a lot so I’m kind of a skeptic to anybody that I talk to.

Him: Why did you contact me then?

Brandi: Because I heard about you through Dana and I thought that you might have some insight. I didn’t expect you to be so candid with me. It’s just shocking.

Him: Well, honesty is my only policy and I have no interest in exploiting Michael or trying to profit from his story. You asked me a question and I answered you to the best honesty of my knowledge.

Brandi: By saying that Michael was not in his casket at the memorial or burial (to me) sounds like he wasn’t because he is alive.

Him: Can you hold on for just a moment? I have an important call coming through that I have to pick up.

Brandi: Sure
(holding the line “sometimes” by Britney spears is playing. Obviously I am being called from a company line)

Him: Ok, thank you for holding. My daughters school.
Brandi: It’s no problem

Him: Where were we? Oh yeah. I didn’t say that to insinuate that Michael is alive. I said that to answer your question. It was wide spread knowledge to all staff that Michael would not actually be in the casket. There was too much of a security risk.

Brandi: So all of the things about him being bedazzled in jewels and everything that he was wearing , was just a big lie?

Him: It’s (sighs) (long pause) I’m just telling you that Michael was never in any casket that the public was shown.

Brandi: Ok, fair enough. Let’s move on.

Him: (Laugh) Lets.

Brandi: When is the last time you saw Michael alive?

Him: (quickly) I’ve never seen him dead.
(we both laugh)

Brandi: You know what I mean.

Him: Yeah, sorry. Uh… I last saw Michael on the 24th. The kids kept begging to go to set and he finally gave in. They got to see the entire Earth song run through. He spoke with the briefly and they want home.

Brandi: Wait wait. I was under the impression that the last time the kids saw him is when he was leaving to go to rehearsal??? Even Paris has said that.

Him: Well, it’s inaccurate. The children were on set June 24th. I’ve seen the tweet that she posted saying that. It’s not true and I couldn’t begin to tell you why she is saying that. But then… (long pause) there are a lot of inaccuracies.

Brandi: What I don’t get is why people like you didn’t make those inaccuracies public knowledge during the trial?

Him: During Dr. Murrays trial, many of us were still under contract with these companies affiliated with all of the chaos. There was nothing that I could say. I tried only once to speak with authorities about something being wrong and I was turned away.

Brandi: Really? What pushed you to go to the cops?

Him: Well, there was a host of things, but there are a few things that really stood out. First of all one of the new security guards Eric called the house a few days before the 25th and said that Michael wanted him to drive the kids to some place in LA. It was a lie and he tried to clean it up and blame it on “confusion”. I thought that it was very suspicious-

Brandi: Eric Muhammad?

Him: Yes. Him.

Brandi: oh my god! That’s super creepy. Where was he taking the kids??? Why wasn’t his ass fired???

Him: Because we were told to not say anything to Michael or any others about it. Nobody wanted to alarm Michael because he was already stressed out and paranoid. Something about the entire situation did not sit well with me at all.

Brandi: That’s crazy! He should have been the first to know! What else happened?

Him: Well… *mumbles something*

Brandi: What?

Him: Sorry, I dropped the phone. There was the missing car. One of Michael’s cars was noticeably missing when we returned to the house on the 26th. No police report was file and they ignored me when I tried to say something.

Brandi: Wait, didn’t Michael have drivers?
Him: Yes of course he did. He also had cars, he loved to collect them. One was missing and to this day is unaccounted for. Where is it?

Brandi: Maybe somebody in the family took it for safe keeping? I don’t know

Him: (laughs) No , they took a lot but a car wasn’t one of the things that was taken when they cleaned house.

Brandi: What else did you tell the police about.

Him: The last big thing that I’m able to think of was the removing of the back cameras.

Brandi: What? What do you mean I’ve seen driveway footage. I thought only the tape got erased.

Him: No. There were multiple CCTV cameras removed from the back of the property on the 22nd of June.

Brandi: What the hell is a CCTV Camera?

Him: It is a camera that has infrared night vision. The ones that were placed in the back of house were mysteriously removed. The missing footage was not erased, it was never recorded and I know this because the cameras were not there. I questioned the detective about that lie and was threatened.

Brandi: That’s heavy.

Him: I thought so. I was told and I quote “What happened to Mr. Jackson was a perfect combination of bad choices on his part and negligence on the part of his doctor. There is no foul play here. Just a few very stupid mistakes that cost a man his life and another made his career. We are not going to waste resources pulling for something that is not there.” I couldn’t believe it.

Brandi: Who said that to you????

Him: I’d rather not say, but it was a person that didn’t want to deal with this from the very beginning.

Brandi: That’s a hard pill to swallow that this was never really taken seriously, but totally believable because I’ve questioned for years WHY this wasn’t looked into further. I felt like Conrad was a scape goat. What can you tell me about him?

Him: I don’t want to go into Michael’s medical privacy. Even if I didn’t get into trouble legally for talking about it, I just don’t feel like it’s right. So, I’d rather not get into that.

Brandi: Get into what? I just asked about Conrad. Not about what Michael was or wasn’t doing.

Him: Oh (Sounds like hes lighting a cigarette and taking puff) Well, he was a nice guy. He complained a lot to staff though. I always had this feeling that he signed up for something that he didn’t agree to do. He always seemed like he was on edge and was very irritated about having to stay the night at the house.

Brandi: What did Michael say about his complaining? Did he tried to fix whatever was making Dr. Murray unhappy?

Him: Michael didn’t know that Murray was unhappy. Michael had a very pleasant nature and disposition. Most people on staff tried to avoid saying or doing anything that would make him feel unappreciated, because he took good care of his workers. A lot of things and negative situations were out of his hands. He didn’t have a lot of control and I think that Dr. Murray was aware of that. We all just tried to be Michael’s friend because he needed that support. He was stressed out and nervous about the shows. We tried to give him a pleasant environment, but people weren’t getting paid and it started to wear. We had families and bills, why should we work for free? There was lots of deception in order to bring people on board and that became a problem.

Brandi: Wait, so you were employed by AEG too or Michael directly?

Him: My sister was an assistant of Michael’s during the History Tour. I had met him many times and we had good conversations. He asked me to come on a year or so before he was going to be touring again, but payroll switched to AEG and new contracts were drafted. It was very strange. This was the case for everybody and why a lot of people were fired or left. They refused to end their previous contracts for new ones.

Brandi: What happened after his death? Did you guys get paid?

Him: Some people got paid because of the fear that they would make trouble. I have yet to accept payment because the money feels dirty to me.
Brandi: Did Michael at any point seem like he wanted to run away?

Him: He became agitated toward the end. He wasn’t being compliant and meetings were had. Michael seemed to be in the same boat as his own staff. Told one thing but then pushed to do something else with no compensation to make up the difference. But how could run? There was no getting out of that agreement. So I don’t know if the thought crossed his mind, but if it did… (pause) He knew better.

Ok! Tired as hell and probably all kind of typos in here. Hopefully not though! Any questions feel free to ask, but any dumb ones or smart comments i'm just blocking you. No time for drama. I'm posting this now but it will be included in my book which will feature interviews from a lot of credible sources that knew and worked with Michael. Most of them do not believe in a death hoax, but agreed to answer some questions for me. This interview is NOT hoax related though I mention it a few times. This guy was very nice and insightful. In other words, just enjoy what he has to say and don't make a big deal about it. Im SHARING to be nice. That's all folks. No more. No less. Thanks

Part 2

Brandi: Ehhhh. I’m not so easily sold on that

Him: What do you mean?

Brandi: maybe I’m biased, but I would think that Michael would have the resources to get away if he needed to.

Him: Resources? I mean yes of course he did. That level of fame comes with many resources and go to guys, but the circle was kept small and tight.

Brandi: So we’re dismissing any chance that Michael could have used those resources to escape? Why? Because it would be too hard to keep it a secret?

Him: (Laughing) Whoa. I’m not dismissing anything. I’ve told you that I never saw Michael’s body and I know what people are capable of pulling off in Hollywood. I was raised here. I’m just being honest. Something of that magnitude would be extremely hard to pull off and keep secret. Michaels life was very structured in those final months. The only way that something like that could remotely be pulled off is if almost everybody around him was involved.

Brandi: And that isn’t possible?

Him: I’m not involved.

Brandi: Well, maybe you can’t keep a secret!

Him: I can keep secrets. I’m just not the kind of person that would enjoy being involved in something like that. Too risky.

Brandi: Uh huh. IF it happened right?

Him: Yeah, if.

Brandi: Look, its not secret what my theory has been for the past three almost four years. I am not going to sit here and yank your chain. I really believed that Michael is alive and a part of me still does believe that. One thing for sure is that a lot of things don’t make any sense. I guess that I wonder if people in his life ever think about that too? Do you guys ever ask questions to his family or his lawyers? Demand that they make some sense of this crap?

Him: I’ve said things in the past. I told you that I went to authorities with some collegues and what we were told. I have raised question to family members that told me that I had to be patient.

Brandi: Executors?

Him: (Laughing) Do I have to state the obvious about Branca And McClain?

Brandi: I guess not

Him: No

Brandi: Hmm. I guess that I would just press for some explanation.

Him: Brandi or Ms. *****? Does it matter?

Brandi: My first name is fine

Him: Ok, Brandi, Michael so much of his life had little to no explanation. Michael was used to a system of things. A system as to how things would work for him. He was his own man, don’t get me wrong. But he had systems in place. There was never much explanation for things that happened to him in everyday life. He would come home with a person. Man, woman, it didn’t matter. He would introduce them as his friend and they would hang out all day everyday for weeks-

Brandi: wait like a date???

Him: no no (laughs) oh damn , don’t misquote me on this one. Make it clear that I am not implying that these were romantic relationships. They were just friends I guess.

Brandi: Ok. But you said he kept this circle tight.

Him: Right but these people weren’t apart of this circle. These were people that would just be there one day. And then *snaps fingers* gone.

Brandi: Just like that?

Him: Just like that. No explanation, never a mention of them again. And it was like that for him. Things changed and little was ever explained. There were just systems and ways that things worked. But never an explanation.

Brandi: And stil… You had questions about his death? Things never seemed right to you? Is anything really that REALLY stood out?

Him: I didn’t read the autopsy report for a very long time.

Brandi: Why?

Him: How often do you want to read he autopsy report of somebody that you care about? They are very graphic I just didn’t want to read it.

Brandi: And finally you did? Why?

Him: I happened to be feeding my son in the middle of the night and something was on television about it. I could have turned it off, but I just watched. Anyway, they said that Michael’s body was emaciated. I couldn’t understand that. He gained weight.

Brandi: Huh?

Him: He put on weight those last few weeks, he didn’t lose it. And then I started to pay attention to the reports and then… *mubmbles* hold on. Can *mumbles* (I hear a lady talking) Can I call you back?

Brandi: Yeah, sure I’m not going to go out now. Just call me back

Him: (silent)

Brandi: Hello?

Him: yeah, I’m here wait. Just hold on give me one moment please.

Brandi: Ok
(On hold again Chumbawumba playing)

Him: I’m back , I’m sorry. I don’t have much more time

Brandi: That’s fine. What were you saying?

Him: Yeah. I started to see the reports and all of these people saying how sickly he became and how skinny he was. He was very stressed out and nervous, but he was not skinny. He gained a good 15 pounds in the last 6 or 7 weeks of his life. Yet, people in his life that knew this started to tweet lies left and right. It made no sense to me. That’s why I’m talking to you.

Brandi: That’s crazy. I’m just trying to digest all of this.

Him: Conspiracy theories are going to happen when somebody as famous as Michael Jackson dies. Especially in such a mysterious way. I can’t say that I believe that Michael managed to get away or survived what happened. But the intentional lies. I can’t shake that.

Brandi: You sound sad.

Him: *Quiet for a few moments*

Brandi: Are you still with me?

Him: Yeah.

Brandi: Why are you sad?

Him: It’s a sad experience

Brandi: His death?

Him: No

Brandi: Then what?

Him: I couldn’t have helped him. A lot of people could have.

Brandi: He didn’t want it?

Him: He wasn’t allowed to want it.

Brandi: Huh? Are we talking drugs? A lot of people believe that Michael was kept drugged for the benefit of hose around him. I know that you won’t say, but is that true?

Him: Brandi, I swear my right hand to God that I never witnessed Michael in any sort of altered state because of an influence of drugs. He had a lot of pain in his bones . He had some facial work done, so of course there was some pain management. But I never witnessed him high or under the influence of any sort. Michael was funny and quiet mostly but somehow vibrant. He was going through a lot of stressful times, but kept his good nature and good spirits.

Brandi: But I don’t understand because you say that he was controlled in a sense. How could he be controlled?

Him: Michael had three people that he wanted to make proud. His children meant everything on this earth to him. Every single thing that he did was for them and to give them a comfortable and bright future. Disappointing them was the control.

Brandi: Im more confused then when we started out. (laughing)

Him: I don’t want to confuse you. You haven’t really asked the questions that I expected you to ask.

Brandi: Well, I don’t know what to think about this situation anymore. I know what to think about what Michael tried to tell people. I just don’t know what to think about his “Death” so to speak.

Him: It’s like he was here and then he never even existed.

Brandi: That’s it exactly! I get what he tried to tell people COMPLETELY. I just don’t understand his death and the mysterious things surrounding it.

Him: You would be surprised at how many people don’t. I have to go, but if you ever think of anything else that you might want to ask me or talk about. Please call me or email me. I’ve enjoyed talking to you. Do you do this professionally?

Brandi: (laughing) Hell no! It’s weird asking people a series of questions and wording them without being too invasive or rude

Him: I think that you’re pretty good at it. But, if you ever want to just chat off the record don’t be a stranger. There a lot of questions that I can’t answer, but I can definitely try to give you inside into those final months, weeks and days.

Brandi: Awesome! I have one more question before you go.

Him: What’s that?

Brandi: despite all of the bull***** surrounding business and the tour and what not, did Michael seem to have any joy? I mean obviously he loved the kiddos, but did he seem happy at all with anything else?

Him: Hmm… Well, I don’t want to really get into private details about his personal life at all. I can say that he had someone special in his life that care a lot about him and doing what was right by him. It was a complicated situation that seemed stuck in gear, but he loved her very much and she loved him. Michael was appreciative and humbled by all of the wonderful things in his life. But… I don’t know what I’m trying to say here.

Brandi: He wanted more? Like to out do himself?

Him: No not really that… Hmmm… Unfulfilled!!! That’s it. There was something else that he needed to do, and he hadn’t quite grasped it. If he did, he never told anybody, but you could tell that it bothered him. He seemed to be longing for something else. Not more per say, but something else . I’m not sure if that

Brandi: It makes perfect sense to me. Thank you so much for this talk! I hope that we get to talk again sometime!

Him: No doubt. Goodnight .

Brandi: Bye


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