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Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times

Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times

#11  Сообщение Белая роза » 23 июн 2011, 10:46

Alvin Malnik Talks About Is Realationship With Michael Jackson

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 27 Март 2011 г. в 0:20

soon as the untimely and sudden death of superstar Michael Jackson hit
the airwaves, the rumors began flying. From the highly suspicious to the
utterly ludicrous, falsehoods spread through the media like wildfire.
Michael Jackson—a superstar with unmatched talent and charisma, a
national treasure under a glaring global spotlight from the time he was
10 years old—was an incredibly private person. And though millions
revered the man behind the pop-king mask, few really knew him. Al
Malnik, the famous and legendary lawyer, businessman, and restaurateur
whom Haute Living referred to as a “Living Legend” during our cover
profile in the January/February 2007 Miami edition, was one of the few
people whom Michael trusted wholeheartedly. In fact, Malnik is the
godfather of Michael’s youngest son, Blanket, a piece of reality that
got twisted and misconstrued in the weeks following his death. The rumor
mill warped the truth so much that it was claimed that Malnik was
actually the biological father of Blanket—a completely fabricated
falsehood. Malnik appeared on The Today Show to answer the claims, which
he called a “Ripley event,” considering he didn’t meet Blanket until he
was one year old. Speaking out for only the second time since Michael’s
passing, Al Malnik shares his personal history with Michael Jackson
with Haute Living in hopes of setting the record straight about the
private life of this public figure. I first met Michael about
nine years ago. I was told that he had heard about me and was interested
in meeting, and in particular wanted to request a tour of my house in
Palm Beach. Michael was an architecture buff, and he had admired the
property from afar. He was in L.A. at the time, and expressed interest
in discussing several different business ideas and plans. He finally
asked [director] Brett Ratner, whom I refer to as my 11th son, to call
me and ask to meet with him. I initially said no because I was not a
fan, so I really didn’t see the point in inviting him to come over and
entertain him. When I told my wife Nancy about it, she raised holy hell!
She said, “Are you kidding? Michael Jackson! I grew up with him! His
posters were on my wall! You have to let him come over, I want to meet
him.” So to please her, I invited him to the house, and from that first
meeting we all developed a beautiful friendship. Throughout the past
decade or so, Michael would come and stay at the house quite a bit,
sometimes with the children, and sometimes alone. It was an
extraordinary time. Michael was an amazing houseguest because he really
didn’t require any attention. He liked to clean his own room and make
his own bed, and he taught his kids to do that, too, much to our
amazement. Michael soon became close friends with my son Shareef, along
with Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker. The four of them spent a great deal
of time together at our house, always having a ball, filled with a lot
of laughs. I also have triplets that are around the same age as
Michael’s two older children, Prince and Paris, who are 12 and 11 now.
We would travel often with Michael and the family, going down to
Acapulco or other family vacation spots. We also have fond memories of
our times out at Neverland Ranch. The most important bungalow there is
called the Elizabeth Taylor suite, which is where we stayed. The first
night, he had Elizabeth Taylor herself call me, welcoming me to her
suite at Neverland Ranch! The kids, of course, loved Neverland; they
went around with Michael’s children and saw the zoo and rode the train.
It was such a magical time. One year, at a birthday party that Nancy was
having for the triplets, Michael came to the theater and surprised not
only us, but the birthday guests as well. Everyone thought it was a
Michael Jackson impersonator. They couldn’t believe it was really him!
Come to think of it, some of the people may still think it was a
lookalike. All of our children spent a lot of time together, and
Michael’s children especially enjoyed it. When they were with us, they
were able to go out with Nancy and I and our family and not be haggled.
They didn’t have to wear their veils because no one knew who they were.
When they spent time with us they got to experience normal situations
that were lacking in their daily lives, like visiting St. Andrew’s
school or going to the movies. When they were with my family, they
literally were able to take off the masks and no one bothered them.
Michael was able to do the same. We worked to create everyday
experiences for him, like going shopping. One time we rented out a
Publix supermarket so that he could do what ordinary people do on a
regular basis.

was able to relax when he was with us and let his guard down. We live
on the beach, and he and I would go down to the water together after the
sun went down where he was just an ordinary guy, kicking his feet in
the surf. When it comes to my history with Blanket, Michael asked me to
be Blanket’s godfather when the boy was a year old. My relationship with
Blanket is limited, because he was just a baby at the time, and I did
not really participate in his upbringing. But I think that in the event
something happened, Michael really wanted me to be a sort of safety net.
He wanted to know that I would be willing to raise Blanket as though he
were one of my own children, and that’s what the legal document says. I
haven’t spoken with the family since Michael’s passing. I am not used
to being in the media spotlight so when the stories came out, I was
shocked. I know if I go to the funeral, the press will besiege me again.
So instead, our family will just pray for Michael, and wish him bon
voyage from this Earth. Our family loved Mi-chael very much, and we will
always be respectful, and always extend our hand of friendship to any
of his children, should they ever need our help. Michael had such an
amazing energy and such talent. He was always composing new songs and
singing them a cappella. One day, he was walking around the house in his
pajamas, singing some new pieces that he was working on. He was walking
up one set of stairs, and then down another. I asked him, “What are you
doing?” He said, “I’m doing two songs at once! I am walking up this set
doing one song, and when I walk down the other, I do the other song.”
He could write a song in five minutes, it was unbelievable. I know he
did end up recording some of these new songs. He planned on making his
comeback by doing an outrageous concert tour, starting in Europe and
ending in the United States. At the same time, he wanted to
simultaneously publish some of the new albums that he had been working
on while he was staying at our house—all new, never-been-heard stuff. He
was so excited to do this tour, so prepared for it. One of our friends
who had seen his rehearsal one or two nights before his death, called me
and said, “You ought to come out and see Michael before he does his
concert. He is unbelievable. It’s like you have never seen him before.” I
did have the opportunity to see him perform before, at our house. While
visiting, he asked if we could get him a portable dance floor, so of
course we did. When I saw him move around on that floor, I was wowed. I
had never seen anything like it. I knew he was unbelievable, and it’s
nice to know that five years later, he was equally impressive. It was
great fun in those days, but we also shared some hard times. I helped
Michael out financially in a lot of different areas when he needed it.
At that time, we managed to resolve all of his financial problems. After
that period, which was after I had paid for his bail when he was
arrested, I felt it was not in our best family interest to spend all of
the time that was required to get Michael on the right track again,
because at that point he had capable people around him. And, of course,
geography was a big problem because Michael’s business interests are
essentially in California or out of New York or Europe. I really just
didn’t have the time to continue to devote myself to trying to resolve
the many considerations that were in his life. The last time I saw
Michael was right before his trial, although we spoke many times after
that. He was a bit meaner at that time; he was so furious and so
disappointed at the charges being hurled at him. He swore to me that he
was absolutely innocent of each and every charge that was made against
him. And that’s the way it turned out. I think the legacy of Michael
Jackson will endure for many years to come. Ultimately, the negativity
surrounding him in the press will dissipate. He will be more
acknowledged and respected for the musical genius that he demonstrated,
and that legacy will survive our decade and the ones to come. Our
children will rediscover Michael Jackson again many years from now, and
be amazed that he created the music that he did, the style of dancing
that he did, and more importantly, the wonderful charisma that he
generated.Source: Haute MagazineAl Malnik Interview with Merideth Viera on the Today Show July 1st 2009Merideth
Viera- You know, I look at the images you have offered to share with us
this morning, both still photos and the videos, and its clear that
yours was a place where Michael felt he could come and relax and take
the masks off his children, both literally and figuratively. What are
some of the fondest memories of the time he spent with you and your
family?Al Malnik- Well, there are so many stories. As I’m sitting
here I just thought of one. At a dining room table, which is sitting
right next to me, we were having dinner one night and Michael mentioned
how fond he was of Louis Armstrong, and I said Michael, that’s
extraordinary that you said that, because the dining table here, that
we’re having dinner on, was once Louis Armstrong’s table and chairs in
New Orleans. He broke down and sobbed. Michael was filled with humility,
sensitivity, reverence and respect for anyone and everyone. And most of
all the love that he had for his kids equalled the love that he had for
his fans. He just was a guy that was beyond amazing and it’s just sad
to hear all the spurious stories that have been created about himMV-
You know, Alvin Malnik, I’m struck by the photos, or the video
actually, that was shown in Mike’s piece that was taken at that
supermarket. You took Michael Jackson to a market in the middle of the
night so he could do what everybody else does normally, just go
shopping, and how much fun he had there. And it seemed to point out to
me how isolated he must have been in his daily life to get such a thrill
out of this. Did he ever talk to you about the loneliness he felt?AM-
He said loneliness is part of his obligation, because he really felt he
had a God given talent that he was required to share with the world.
And that’s what he did, and a part of that was for his personal
loneliness to suffer. He was well equipped and agreed to do that.MV-
You know, I get the sense looking again at these images that his
children seem well adjusted, at least the pictures show them to be well
adjusted. Is that the way they came across to you?AM- Not only
well adjusted,…great story- You know I asked him, I said to my staff you
have a lot of extra work with the kids staying here, do we need some
extra work efforts on your part? They said there isn’t any extra effort.
Michael’s kids clean their rooms, they make up their beds, polish the
mirrors and they take care of everything, and he (Michael Jackson) said
that’s the way I bring up my kids and that’s exactly what they did. Each
and every morning Michael’s children, their first chores before
breakfast were to clean their roomsMV- Are you concerned about the kids welfare right now? I mean they just lost the only parent they’ve ever known.AM-
Yes I am, but I think the Jackson family love these children just as
they loved Michael, and I have no doubt at the end of the day the kids
are going to be fine and they’re going to be well provided for.MV-
You know Al, there were reports that at one point you had claimed to be
Blanket’s biological father. Do you want to set the record straight
here this morning?AM- (Laughs) Yes, it would be very interesting
(for people) to realize that I didn’t meet Blanket until he was two
years old, so that would really qualify as a Ripley (Believe It or Not)
event, I think. Of course I’m not the biological father.

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Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times

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When I bumped into Michael Jackson
Way back in the early ’90s and I decided to go to WH Smith on the rue de Rivoli to buy a children’s book in English to send to one of my nieces. As I started up the stairs to the first floor section (things were arranged differently then) I ran into a man who looked like a Secret Service agent. He was tall, well-built and well-dressed. He was standing there not looking at any books, just looking out of place.

I didn’t think too much about it as I started moving about, looking at books here and there. I then saw another man looking much like the first one and I thought, Hmm, that’s odd. As I made my way toward the other room, I came upon a third gentleman who resembled his first two colleagues and I remember thinking, If someone wants to meet a tall, well-dressed, “body guard” looking guy, this is the place to be! Who would have thought it?!

I went to the children’s section and practically bumped into a guy in a military style red and gold jacket, wearing a black hat, and a black mask over his mouth.

“Oh my God! You scared me!” I said.

“I’m sorry.” Michael answered, holding his mask.

“That’s okay.” I said, still confused.

I must admit that it took me several seconds to realize it was Michael Jackson. My first thought was, Who is this guy in a get up trying to look like Michael Jackson?! Then it dawned on me! Duh! The three body guards! It is Michael Jackson!

We were the only two people there, not counting his body guards. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I got my book and went downstairs to pay and left. I started walking toward the Place de la Concorde and continued walking up the Champs-Elysées.

About two hours later, after spending time at Virgin and several boutiques, I was back on the avenue when I saw a beautiful silver-gray stretch limo. It’s not often you see one in Paris; many of the smaller streets are just too small for such a car. I kept looking at it and who should appear as I was about to walk by?! None other than Michael Jackson!

I was amazed! There was a look of recognition like, Hmm, I’ve seen her before! So I said, “Michael, are you following me?!”

“Uh,…uh, no!” he said, somewhat surprised.

“I didn’t think so.” I smiled and walked on, delighted that he was flustered.

That evening I was having dinner with friends and I told them my story. “Didn’t you ask him for an autograph?!” They asked. No, the thought never entered my mind. I respected his privacy.

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Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times

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Michael Jackson. The Gloved One. The King Of Music. My Inspiration. written by Eric Xcape

I see Michael Jackson not as a star. I see him as a friend. A person who is always there with me. He is guiding me throug life. His music, his songs, his dance... everything is inspireing! To me he is a genius. Michael... we all miss him dearly. I might not be a fan of Mr. Jackson for years but I am a most loyal fan! I started becoming what I am now in 2009 when the last press conference of Michael was aired on CNN. I then realized that finally we will see the greatest entertainer perform again on stage! His last tour was HIStory. http://www.michaeljacksonlive.com went crazy when the tickets were put up for sale. The This Is It Tour was going to be amazing. In just a hour all of the concerts were sold out! That set a new record. When I heard the news I was really excited! Three months later… on June 25… I heard about Michaels passing on CNN… the news was terrible. The world was in shock. He didn’t even had a chance to say goodbye to his fans… I then realized that the world lost something big. Something HUGE! The world lost Michael Jackson … The King of MUSIC, The Gloved One… The Moonwalker…

When you say Michael Jackson, I say perfection! He was a man of many talents. He was my inspiration. His messages in his songs showed me the meaning of life. ‘’Man In The Mirror’’ is my all time favorite song from his album ‘’BAD’’ . The song taught me – ‘’ If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself then make a change!’’ . I started being a human being! Most people forget that Michael is a human too! The media wrote such untrue things about him that ruined his life! Tabloids wrote awful things about him but he never fell down! He was facing them his entire life! He never gave up! He did it for us! The fans! Michael had a heart. A big one! He helped children all over the world. He gave millions and millions to charity. He wanted to heal the world. He sang ‘’We Are The World ‘’ and ‘’ Heal The World ‘’ for a reason! He wanted it to be a better place. For you and for me… and the entire human race. He was a humanitarian… a genius and lets not forget a humble person. You cannot see that in the greedy stars today! I hate how SONY used him as a money making machine! He generated several billion dollars for Sony. Just before the release of the 2001 album Invincible , Michael informed the head of Sony Music Entertainment, Tommy Mottola he was leaving the record label. He accused Mottola of racism. Michael just couldn’t stand hatred to people! He loved absolutely everyone! That is what I love about him! He is my only inspiration! I miss him dearly. Michael brought me lots of friends all over the world. No matter the race or religion. He brought us together! He was Peter Pan. He was the King.

"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with." ~ MJ

I have the chance to know the three lovely and very intelligent people below that will share how Michael changed their life.

Abigail from The UK –‘’ I cannot describe the Joy he brought to my life. His courage and strength of character when FALSELY accused, but what I am most grateful for is the friends I have met from all over the world because of him, regardeless of language religion or race, we have been brought together. ‘’

Sezin from Turkey – ‘’ Michael revived my belief in humanity- I once again started believing that there is still hope for us, the mere mortals. ‘’

Amelia from The UK - ‘’ Michael infected me with his love and my life is dedicated to infecting others ‘’

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Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times

#14  Сообщение Белая роза » 07 июл 2011, 20:44

July 1993 Evan Chandler & his attorney Barry Rothman set a plot to extort money from Michael Jackson!!!! READ THIS

Evan Chandler claimed that Michael Jackson had molested his son. He pursued child-abuse charges in a civil rather than a criminal court because that is what crafty extortionists do. Clearly, anybody Who seeks a financial payoff in lieu of a criminal prosecution is not to be taken seriously, and no self-respecting prosecutor would do anything beyond charge Evan Chandler for conspiring to extort money from Michael Jackson.

During a phone call to Dave Schwartz (Jordy’s stepfather), Evan threatens to destroys Michael if he doesn’t get what he wants. Evan Chandler said, “This attorney I found, I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could find. All he wants to do is get this out in the public as fast as he can, as big as he can, and humiliate as many people as he can. He’s nasty, he’s mean, he’s very smart, and he’s hungry for the publicity.” In describing the plot to destroy Jackson, Chandler said, "There are other people involved that are waiting for my phone call that are in certain positions. I’ve paid them to do it. Everything’s going according to a certain plan that isn’t just mine. Once I make that phone call, this guy (his attorney, Barry K. Rothman, presumably) is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it. And I’ve given him full authority to do that.”

Chandler's Attorney, Barry Rothman, was certainly the sort to exploit the opportunity that Michael Jackson presented. According to a former colleague, to know Rothman is to believe that Barry could have “devised this whole plan, period. This [making allegations against Michael Jackson] is within the boundary of his character, to do something like this.” The manipulation and deceit that Rothman practices has earned him a reputation for stiffing people, and Michael Jackson is not the only man who has earned the right to hate him. His credit profile lists more than thirty creditors and judgment holders who were after him, and that's only a list of those who bothered. It is no wonder that his former wife is perplexed over the fact that someone hadn't "done him in".

In a nutshell, Barry Rothman, the man who "develops" Michael Jackson's accusers is a certified fraud artist. His entire life is a portrait of a deadbeat loser who routinely filed for bankruptcy after creating shell companies to hide his assets and thereby defraud his creditors. Barry Rothman is essentially an unindicted felon, and the failure to put him in jail where he belongs, is extremely peculiar. Is law enforcement that restricted or incompetent?

It is not possible to reasonably dispute the claim that Evan Chandler hired Barry Rothman to hatch the opportunity to exploit his relationship with Michael Jackson. In 1993, Chandler said, “I had a good communication with Michael. We were friends. I liked him and I respected him and everything else for what he is. There was no reason why he had to stop calling me. I sat in the room one day and talked to Michael and told him exactly what I want out of this whole relationship. What I want.” We certainly found out what Evan Chandler wanted when he demanded a further 60 million dollars, to settle outrageous complaints. But let's get serious here. If Michael Jackson had in fact molested his son, a serious, mature parent would not go around saying, "Gee....there was no reason the alleged molester had to stop calling me."

Prior to discovering Michael Jackson, Evan Chandler was a deadbeat dad who divorced in 1985. The court awarded sole custody of Michael Jackson's child molestation accuser to his mother and ordered Chandler to pay $500 a month in child support. By 1993, Chandler owed his ex-wife $68,000!!!!, and instead of assuming his responsibilities, he chose to extort Michael Jackson.

To be sure, it takes more than one deadbeat, to abuse the legal system, and if his lawyer was not a fellow deadbeat loser, it is difficult to imagine how the plot to obtain custody of Michael Jackson's accuser would have existed, but it did. The conduct of Evan Chandler reflected the actions of a man who essentially "hijacked" the law. When Evan Chandler asked his ex-wife to allow the boy to stay with him for a “one-week visitation period,” and then refused to return the boy, the motivation behind the bitter custody battle that ensued, was very clear. It would have been nice if Chandler had the boys best interest in mind, but he was merely executing the plan of a corrupt legal mind like Barry Rothman, and you can take that claim to the very same bank that cashed Michael Jackson's cheques.

The plot gets thicker. After snatching control of the son he had abandoned, the boy was administered the controversial drug sodium Amytal, to reduce his resistance to planting suggestions, and it was after this session that Michael Jackson's accuser 'learned' that he had been molested. In other words, when you connect all the dots, it is very clear and obvious that Chandler and Rothman had no intention of abiding by a visitation agreement which was nothing more and nothing less than a ploy to exploit a child for the sake of extorting Michael Jackson

Chandler and Jackson ultimately reached an out-of-court settlement, and lawyers for both men announced the deal in a joint, one-page statement wherein Michael Jackson twice asserted his innocence. Two years after the agreement was signed, Chandler claimed that Michael Jackson violated the terms of their agreement because Michael Jackson continued to assert his innocence. Did Evan Chandler think that time would give him the opportunity to fade the memory that Michael Jackson paid him off without sacrificing the claim that he was innocent? That is evidently what Evan Chandler thought, because after filing a civil suit which was reportedly settled out of court in 1994, Evan Chandler demanded another $60 million dollars in 1996.

Evan Chandler thought that Michael Jackson was his own private goose that laid the golden egg. In 1996, he went back to court and demanded 60 million dollars, on a foundation of absurd allegations like the demand to impose a ban on the lyrics of Michael Jackson's HIStory album and to replace them with a so called, non-offensive rendition called EVANstory. You probably think that this is a joke, but it isn't, and since discovering the fact that the media is more interested in publicizing sexual assault allegations against Michael Jackson, the bizarre truth is rarely/never promoted!!!

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Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times

#15  Сообщение Белая роза » 16 июл 2011, 14:35

Michael Jackson... Practically Defines the Word: GENIUS!

Michael Jackson, Genius
Lorette C. Luzajic

By any thinking person’s standpoint, Michael Jackson was a genius. These intelligent persons may not even like his music or showmanship, but the facts are obvious to them nonetheless. For example, I sheepishly confess that I find Tolstoy an absolute bore. There, I’ve said it. But I certainly wouldn’t try to claim that I’m a better writer than one of the two greatest novelists of all time. I prefer Dostoevsky. His emotions resonated more deeply with me. But is Tolstoy a genius? Yes. My opinion is really irrelevant in this matter.


A person doesn’t have to like Michael Jackson’s oeuvre to understand his genius. The man is a powerhouse of creativity. He is an inspiration as no other, who has inspired millions upon millions of beneficent or creative endeavours. People have been moved by his genius to pursue their own dream or to try to create something, from murderers n prison learning teamwork as they choreograph themselves dancing to “Thriller,” to becoming a sushi chef, to starting a charity. The lavish spectacle of entertainment, in every costume and performance and point of intrigue. His disco era in music was genius alone- never mind the impact of what was to come. His sense of theatre was always on full throttle. He did nothing halfway. His work was sublime and ridiculous; gargantuan, yet he held back and you can feel it. You can feel that if he had let out every creative impulse that was inside of him, he would implode. The whole world would explode. It damn near did.


Detractors tend to make two assertions to deny Jackson’s genius heritage. The first is something along the lines of “Genius? He’s a man in a dress.”


The second is “Genius? The guy doesn’t even play a musical instrument.”

Jackson existed outside of norms. He could care less whether we thought an outfit was absurd, futuristic sci-fi, or supremely tailored and smoking hot. He played dress up and we were entertained. It’s showmanship. It’s also simply a fact that he could wear what he pleased. He was a highly imaginative person, a boyish imp who loved having fun and being silly as well as serious. He loved characters in musical, literary, and stage history. He looked different each and every day, yet was instantly recognizable.


Truth be told, I prefer a man in makeup by a long shot to a man who is constantly blathering about his inescapable virility and masculinity. Yech. Who says flamboyant silks are for girls? Kings and aristocrats have donned all kinds of colourful, ridiculous getup throughout time. In fact, high heels were invented for MEN- to show commoners that rich men need not have their feet on the ground! Jackson is an eccentric. If he wanted to wear something bizarre one day and something beautiful the next, that only contributes to the conclusion of genius. After all, historically, every genius has existed separate from the social norms. Some were harmless theatrical diversions.Other quirks were downright offensive. Van Gogh never bathed and took charity to hookers, the forgotten class. Lord Byron wore lacey frills and boasted that he’d made a baby with his sister. Da Vinci, the indisputable genius of art and science was a work of art unto himself. Once these bashers who warble on about “men in dresses” zip up their pants, I encourage them to learn how to read. Any bio will show that Da Vinci was weird in a million ways.


That “never played an instrument” thing always makes me howl. Now, I would love to have the musical ability to play an instrument. I respect it. It’s hard work and it’s beautiful. But there are several million people able to play a musical instrument. Teenage boys in garages play fantastic drums and jazz hopefuls have taken up the horn, and sadly for all their efforts, their talents will never see the light of day. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, didn’t need to play a musical instrument (though I can’t verify for sure that he doesn’t or can’t- someone enlighten me. I seem to recall that he was quite skilled at piano but I can’t find anything now.) Michael Jackson’s whole being WAS THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. He was a livewire transmitting creative energy from the great beyond, translating it into dance and rhythm. Not only that, but all of his senses converged to channel the musicality and rhythm of his dancers, writers, performers, anyone who works with him. He can hear every layer and merge those layers together. His knowledge of theatre, film, literature, history, classical music, theatre music, soul and gospel, and pop and rock were outstanding.

Emperors and ambassadors and Elvis’s daughter loved him: every single person in the music industry thanked him for creative inspiration, and for keeping money flowing through the business. Call it crass commerce if you want to- but somebody had to. Of course that’s been going on in spades. Regardless, he was infusing the whole marketplace with jobs at every level, from factory manufacturing key chain jobs in China to genius sound technicians whose names we’ll never know but whose sound we hear to dancers to fashion designers to book publishers and so forth. His voracious studying of all art, literature, theatre, and music, from silent film to modern art, never stopped. He made video an art form because he saw the potential of the short horror film. He could make anyone laugh or smile anytime. This quality alone is a rare and radiant light.

But genius? What is a genius anyways? Shakespeare? Einstein?

Genius means a few things. It means a person gifted with an extraordinary capacity for something, far above the average person’s propensity for said thing and still above the “above average” persons in that category, too. It means an extraordinary intellectual power manifest in creative activity. It means a special, distinctive, identifying character or spirit. And it means a spirit- you know, a genie. This latter is where the word was born- in Arabic legends. A spirit that could be angel or demon- torment and beauty.

Let’s see- does Michael Jackson fit into any of the above categories? Which one fits?

Yep, all of ‘em. He practically defines the word.

There are some who feel the word shouldn’t be “thrown around” lightly, thus diminishing the intensity and impact of its meaning. Jackson still “qualifies” regardless, meeting all of the criteria in spades and more. But it has also been argued that the more one recognizes the quality in another, the closer one can get on their own. Letting go of the ego and learning from the masters can only improve our own work, no matter what it is. Appreciating someone’s talent in a realm where you have none can only expand your other skills and make you smarter, happier, and wiser.

As Arthur Conan Doyle said, “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

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