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Dr Conrad Murray

Dr Conrad Murray

#1  Сообщение Liberian Girl » 20 фев 2015, 16:59

Dr Conrad Murray wants to set up shop in T&T

Dr Conrad Murray, former doctor to late pop superstar Michael Jackson, has indicated he intends to return to Trinidad and set up a centre of excellence for health care.

Murray spoke to the Express on Carnival Tuesday as he proceeded to hit the road with Island People mas band.

“It’s just a fabulous time to be back and see the festivities and see everybody frolic and be free of incidents and crime and all of that and just have a holistic experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world but in Trinidad.”

Murray is no stranger to Trinidad as his mother lives here and he frequented the capital city to perform heart surgeries at St Clair Medical Hospital.

He had met with Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan last year when he offered his services on a consultancy basis to assist children in need of specialist care treatment in the US.

Murray said he has a special love for Trinidad and its people and wants to give back to this country.

“I am certainly making a promise to come to Trinidad and to transform medicine to a new level that they have not seen,” he said.

“That will include the very first centre of excellence for acute stroke intervention, which means anyone who has a embryonic stroke, not haemorrhagic stroke, upon the presentation of symptoms if they are able to get to my centre within four hours I will reverse all of the effects of that stroke, 90 per cent or greater.”

Murray said these plans were in the “development stages” at the moment and he wants to include a vascular unit in the centre that will be based on referrals.

“We will have people from different parts of the world flying into Trinidad for the very first time to get speciality care for vascular cases. I am also considering looking at complete overall wellness, where we will look at the androgens and the hormonals aspect of the human body, natural preservation,” said Murray.

He said people face a lot of health issues such as hair loss and sex drive problems which are tied to nutrition and there will be a wealth of information and care provided.

Asked whether he had obtained his medical licence from Trinidad or the US, or if he plans to operate based on a consultancy level where he is not hands on, Murray replied: “That is not yet completed, but I clearly do plan one day, I don’t know exactly the date or when, I will have a licence and be able to practise.”

Я готова верить, но надо знать во что!

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