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Майкл Джексон-Хотите посмотреть, где я записал "Билли Джин"?

Майкл Джексон-Хотите посмотреть, где я записал "Билли Джин"?

#1  Сообщение Admin » 04 авг 2015, 18:17

Michael Jackson -- You Wanna See Where I Recorded 'Billie Jean' -- Maybe You Can!
Майкл Джексон -- Хотите посмотреть, где я записал " Билли Джин " ?-- Возможно, сможете!

The people who run Michael Jackson's Estate are considering opening up the family home in Encino, CA to tourists ... the home where MJ recorded his biggest hits, including "Billie Jean."

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, the Estate is noodling the idea of Hollywood tour buses and individuals making the trek to the property and then taking a room-by-room tour.

After Michael bought the house for his family, he tore it down and then built a new one, which included a recording studio where he laid down the tracks for "Billie Jean," "We Are the World," "Beat It," "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," and many others.

Michael also built a 2-story wing which served as his separate living quarters.

Our sources say nothing's in cement ... the Estate is currently exploring the idea and also checking to see if the zoning laws would allow it, and if not whether they could get a variance.


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