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Michael Jackson's Doctor The Medical Board Thinks I'm Crazy

Michael Jackson's Doctor The Medical Board Thinks I'm Crazy

#1  Сообщение TAIS » 18 июл 2012, 23:09

http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/18/michael-j ... l-testing/
Michael Jackson's Doctor
The Medical Board
Thinks I'm Crazy! Изображение icon_lotsoflaugh icon_lotsoflaugh
Dr. Arnold Klein -- one of Michael Jackson's closest friends and the doc who prescribed untold quantities of medications for the singer -- has been ordered by the Medical Board of California to undergo psychological testing -- and Klein is demanding to know why.

Klein's lawyer filed legal docs, suggesting the testing was triggered by "some scurrilous, disreputable source, trying to cause Dr. Klein trouble."

The Med Board has ordered Klein to submit to a physical exam, which includes "biological testing to determine the presence of scheduled and/or illicit drugs." The Board also insists Klein submit to psychological testing by a shrink selected by the Board.

And it gets even tougher for Klein ... The Board has informed him if he does not submit to testing, they might yank his license.

Klein has gone to court, asking a judge to force the Board to disclose who's behind the whole thing and why they think he might be unstable.

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