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Доктора Арнольда Кляйна лишили практикующей лицензии

Доктора Арнольда Кляйна лишили практикующей лицензии

#1  Сообщение Lina » 31 июл 2012, 10:58

http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/31/arnold-kl ... e-revoked/

Michael Jackson Doctor Medical Board Moves to REVOKE License

Michael Jackson's former dermatologist Arnie Klein should NOT be allowed to practice medicine ... so says a CA Medical Board honcho who just filed a request to have Klein's medical license revoked.

The person behind the claim is Linda Whitney -- the Board's Executive Director of Consumer Affairs -- who claims Arnie has refused to undergo mandatory mental and physical examinations, in direct violation of the Board's orders.

Arnie -- one of MJ's closest friends and the doc who prescribed massive quantities of meds for the singer -- was ordered to undergo the examinations following an investigation into an anonymous complaint against the doctor back in 2010, alleging substandard care of two patients.

The patients have not been identified, so it's unclear if one of them was Michael Jackson.

Klein was ordered to submit to mental and physical examinations by June 8 -- but as we previously reported, the doctor refused, demanding to know who's behind the anonymous complaint.

Now, Whitney is asking the Board to pull the plug on his practice.

TMZ spoke with Klein's rep, Joel Douglas, who tells us ... "We're willing to cooperate, we just want to know the reasons behind the investigation. We're optimistic the court will be fair in the matter."

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