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Все особенные даты и значимые дни календаря Майкла Джексона./All the important dates and significant Michael Jackson's days.

15 августа 2014

15 августа 2014

#1  Сообщение Lina » 15 авг 2013, 20:59

https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?f ... =1&theater


Wearing a dark blue velvet jacket with a gold armband, Michael attends the First AME, African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles for this morning's service as a special guest of Rev. Cecil Murray. The church is one of the most respected churches in the Los Angeles African-American community.

At 10:00 a.m. Michael, his youngest brother Randy, entertainer Steve Harvey, and Michael's attorney Mr. Thomas Mesereau sat comfortably towards the back of the church and enjoyed the service. Although news of Michael's appearance was not widely publicized, the press from most major news channels were on hand. Much of the public learned of Michael's appearance from hearing it mentioned on the Steve Harvey radio program earlier. There were a handful of fans who knew where the First AME Church was located and were able to be there to greet Michael.

After the service, Michael made his way to the Cecil Murray Education Center, a small school a block away that is run by the First AME Church. There, he was scheduled to greet a class room full of about 25 African-American children and answer their questions. The press however were told before Michael entered the room that there would be absolutely no questions that would be allowed by the press.

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